Thursday, October 30, 2008

Early Halloween

Erin is doing well. She can't talk much and sleeps a lot, but the medication has kept the pain pretty much under control, and she has been able to eat some mashed potatoes and some scrambled eggs in addition to the liquids.

Last night Eric came over to take the kids to the Halloween Event on LSU's Sorority Row. Mila thought her mom needed the boa around her sore throat.

Mila wanted to wear the pink puppy dog costume Erin made her a couple of years ago. A little short, but otherwise still fits. Erin took her medication about 30 minutes before Eric brought the kids by for pictures so she could enjoy the time. Mila plays photographer, too.

Max was not especially pleased to be in his teddy bear costume, but with some persuasion from his dad, he managed to cheer up.
Oops, he unzipping the zipper again...
Mila was eager to get started.And they are off to get the loot...


  1. too cute!! sometimes it's hard to dress up....

  2. Oh how fun! My two in costume just stopped by for candy too.

  3. kimy- Max was evidently successful and came home with a lot of candy, so maybe it got better. :)

    Connie - I do love seeing kids in their costumes. Brings back a lot of memories, too!

  4. seeing how much your grandchildren have grown lets me know i've been blogging for awhile now :)

  5. Karoda - :) You are so right! We both had grandchildren on the blogging watch and have gone from anticipation, to arrival, to rapid growth!

  6. Too cute -- I do love the pink puppy dog costume, especially the hat!

  7. Kim - She was an awfully sweet puppy dog!


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