Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Action Day (belated)

After seeing posts about Blog Action day on Crazy for Fiber and on Mouse Medicine, I've done some research and wish I'd known about it earlier. Not that it is too late, but I would have posted earlier about the movement. I recently contributed to First Book and do believe that providing books to children of low income families is a worthwhile cause. My brothers and I have contributed to the our local Community Foundation in honor of our parents. I will be looking locally for more opportunities to help-- as our area, like Kim's, has a high percentage of the population that fall below the poverty line.

In these difficult economic times, it is important to remember that those in the lowest income brackets hurt in ways we can't always imagine. Our family may cut back in many
areas, but we won't be worried about paying our bills or putting food on the table.


  1. thanks for the post and being part of blog action day.

    increasing literacy and improving education has repeatedly been proven to be effective means to improve the lives of people and enhance communities. when people's life opportunities improve, folks can move out of poverty.

    thanks for all you do. what a wonderful honor for your parents with your families contributions to the local community foundation.

  2. kimy - The problems of poverty can be overwhelming, but I certainly believe that good readers have a better chance in the world.

    I try to keep in mind that every little bit helps...not just those who receive, but those who give. Studies have shown (I did a post on this earlier this year, I think) money can buy you happiness as long as you spend it on someone else.

    Ahh, here is the link to that article in the Harvard Business School Newsletter.


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