Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Time Gone

Time moves so swiftly. We are already more than half way through September, and I have not done a stitch of sewing this month. Very little blogging or keeping up with blogs, either.

I'm hoping things are beginning to settle down and that I can return to a more normal routine, but September sure rolled in with a number of events that interrupted anything like a normal schedule. Won't elaborate on all of the boring details, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The yoga classes have helped keep me centered, and I'm working on making meditation a daily activity. Over the past month or so, my ability to meditate has improved and is proving a useful tool against anxiety.

But I haven't had the time or the creative inclination to sew for over 3 weeks! Today, I'm going to wear my beautiful new apron (from Terisa at Running With Scissors) as both symbol and intention to get back to one of my most anxiety reducing activities and as armor against distraction!

Forgive my neglect of emails and comments and my failure to return blog visits. I'm going to do better-- although it may take some time to catch up!


  1. sending you an "om" for peace and calm :)

  2. Life not only moves swiftly, but in cycles...some times creative thoughts come at us so fast we can't keep up, and other times the well is dry.

  3. Hope things settle soon for you. I've found that through uncertain times I've found 'new' normals -- but in the meantime, I hope you find magic in the apron!

  4. it's been the same for me this month too....and if I didn't have the alphabet going on the mouse, I expect I wouldn't be posting very regularly. and here I thought in august things were going to settle down in september - ha!!

    breathe deep.....

  5. Karoda - :) Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. And thanks!

    Rian - I was in the middle of the "too fast creative thoughts" cycle, but circumstances intervened. Now, I would just like to finish some of the WIPs! And guess I am a bit afraid that I will actually have a dry well when I return.

    Kim - You are right about new normals! The apron did least it appealed to both my sense of humor and lifted my spirits!

    kimy - I am breathing deep...and trying to keep priorities straight! Hope things settle for you, too, kimy.

  6. I hope that it is mostly uphill from here. I live in Florida, but have been very fortunate storm wise. I can sympathize though, and hope that life goes to back to normal for you and yours as quickly as possible.

  7. Candace - We were not among those who have suffered so much from the recent storms. I certainly don't want to imply that! My thoughts are still with those who are in such awful conditions.

    Our daughter in Baton Rouge finally got power back last Saturday, but as her situation has improved, so many more have found themselves in even worse situations! We have been blessed in that regard and are grateful.


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