Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Won!

Look at my new apron! Isn't it beautiful? Terisa at Running With Scissors had a contest, and I was the lucky winner!

This is a fairy tale apron, isn't it? I will be the best dressed in the apron department and lovin' every minute. I may don my tiara as an appropriate accessory!

Posting is a little difficult right now as I have a house full. Fee said the devastation in the south in unbelievable. Somewhere around Marksville, he passed a small old cemetery, and saw coffins floating in the ditch by the road. That is something we've all heard about, but he'd never seen it before and said it was unnerving.

So many trees down he couldn't get to many locations. He had to go to 10 gas stations and was despairing of finding fuel to get back. Checked on his mother's house; the renter had put up some tarps, but tree limbs had done damage. Everything he heard about Baton Rouge was bad, so given the bumper to bumper traffic and lack of open gas stations, he gave up on that.

Didn't get this posted yesterday. Still a lot going on with entertaining kids, and Erin trying to keep in touch with co-workers and friends.


  1. Your apron is too pretty to use!

    Not good about Baton Rouge either.

  2. Very unsettling about the cemetary and I imagine it will be chaotic to even attempt to return the caskets to the rightful grave.

    The apron is some relief amoung worry.

  3. with a house full of family and friends, I hope you are wearing your beautiful apron!!

    oh my floating coffins....some how this just seems especially sad....for as the last commenter remarked how difficult that will be to return them to the right site...

  4. The apron is outstanding :D

    Oh my, what heart breaking thing are happening in Baton Rouge. How terrible.

  5. Glad to hear you weathered the storm, but it is very sad to hear about Baton Rouge.

    That is one FINE apron!!

  6. Oh my...I am praying for comfort and safety for you and your family. It's funny we hear so little now...after it passed and leves held the news dropped. I am glad you are posting information and keeping others aware of what is going on...
    I hope the apron brings a bit of simple joy amongst all the rest. blessings,

  7. storm season is completely unnerving. On the other end of the scale what a stupendous apron!

  8. Thats so sad about the cemetary. Those poor people whos loved ones were buried there must be devastated. Very sad. It seems wrong now to comment about your apron after that, but it is very beautiful and I would hang it on a peg for show like a piece of art. Beautiful

  9. Debra - It arrived here on Saturday, so now I can wear my apron and twirl around the house when I need to lift my mood!

    Governor Jindal has been doing an excellent job and things are improving faster than expected in some areas. Now we are watching Ike, as I know you are, Debra.

    Karoda - It has happened before in south Louisiana in old cemeteries. Now, I believe concrete vaults are required for all burials in some areas. The fact that the cemeteries are old will make things even harder.

    Yes, the apron has provided a cheery note.

    kimy - I certainly don't wear it to cook in! :)

    Connie - Things are improving in the south, but will still be difficult for quite a while. If Ike gives Louisiana a miss...

    rian - An apron like this is what you need to serve some of your elegant dinners!

    Terisa - Yes, the media left before they could really get a handle on the misery left behind. They did the same with Fay in Florida. Some problems get worse before getting better.

    The apron arrived Saturday, and every time I glance at it makes me smile! Thanks again, Terisa, for the apron and the prayers.

    ACey - This season has been a particularly scary one for hurricanes, hasn't it? The U.S. has such a huge coastline and the east coast and gulf coast are so vulnerable.

    Vintage Kitten - It is sad when old cemeteries are flooded. The flooding was in areas that don't usually have the problem so weren't expecting it.

  10. Beautiful apron, congrats on winning it! I am inviting you to participate in a Fall into Fall Quilters Blog giveaway that I am hosting. Come on over and check it out.

  11. Very fine apron!
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  12. Glad you weathered the hurricane all right and are not going to get hit bad by Ike.
    If I had an apron like that, I'd have to have a housekeeper. That is definitely not an apron to work in. You could wear it to the opera.

  13. Just checking in is everyone?

  14. Things are improving! We were so lucky during both of the hurricanes and are grateful. My father has Alzheimer's and has had several difficult situations lately, including another small stroke that was frightening, but not terribly serious in the long run.

    Having a full house for nearly two weeks, uncertainty and concern about Laddie, and a number of other factors have just eaten up my time. September has been a challenge, but in no way compares to those whose homes were in the eye of the storms.

    Donned your apron yesterday and went about vacuuming feeling somewhere between housewife and beauty queen! I knew it would lift my spirits, and it did!


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