Friday, September 19, 2008

Early September

These pictures were taken while Erin and the kids were here. Some are at the cabin, some at the house.

Max at the cabin.

Chris and Bryce Eleanor (in camo) and Jonathan and John David.
Bryce Eleanor. I almost didn't recognize her out of her pretty little dresses!
Mila and Puppy.

Max, imitating Mila who put flowers in her hair.
Mila in my robe after a bath.

Erin's insurance claim has been settled, and power was restored last Saturday, so they are getting back to normal.

Laddie is improving after a couple of health scares; yesterday was a good day!

Still don't have time to sew, but hope that next week I can get back to my WIPs and to make a holder for my new and larger yoga mat. Need to finish getting the sewing room clean and to find exactly where I was in various projects and get organized.

Our weather has been beautiful lately--days in the low 80's! Lovely!


  1. marvelous photos of the grands!

    glad things are settling - especially for erin and laddie.

    beautiful weather prevails here too! I do love the light and colors of september and october! but it's funny how we are shaped by where we live, I read 'low 80s and I though oh kind of hot! now for me the low 60s or low 70s are ideal!

    I finally have connected with working with fabric - in fact that's what I should be doing right now. okay, off to the studio!

  2. your candid portraits of the kids are always so wonderful. Glad things are settling down on your end. Was kind of worried until I thought to check your book blog and saw the more recent entries.

  3. kimy - We have been in the mid to upper 80's this week, a bit warmer, but still feels like fall to us. Oh boy! I'm going to have to visit your studio to see what your are up to!

    ACey - Having a hard time catching up and not much into creating right now. Hope to do better soon!

  4. no pics on the studio blog - as the camera has been in the shop....just picked it up today on the way to pick em up and bring her home!!!!! it's like new....should be as the repair was 350 bucks! guess after 3500 pictures I wore some critical parts out! the repair bill was a third of the camera's original price - guess I should have gotten the extended warranty -

    don't know if I'll be posting much for the next week. my e just had major surgery and I'm going to be staying at her house until she's stronger and not in so much pain... but the surgery went well and since she's young (29) and in good shape we hope recovery will be much shorter than the 6-8 wks predicted! one thing is I now have time to catch up reading on my favorite blogs, doing handwork on various quilt projects - such as the quilt my sister and I made for my parents 50th anniversary - 5 years ago!!!! my goal is to have it done by christmas - it's all being hand quilted - and it's HUGE compared to my usual projects.

    now if I can get used to typing comments and navigating sites on e's laptop (I'm used to a regular keyboard)


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