Monday, August 04, 2008

Visit Over

Our Mila has returned to Baton Rouge, and the house is much emptier. Saturday we did some shopping for kindergarten clothes, but she is not a big shopper, and it wasn't an activity that she particularly enjoyed. She was very sweet and patient, but not much interested.

Saturday afternoon, she played with dolls for hours. I listened to all kinds of exciting adventures that her Miley Cyrus and "Anna Mantanah" dolls were involved in.

We watched this lovely neon orange dragonfly and finally, managed a decent picture.She checked these tomatoes each day to see the tiny color changes.
She taught me how to make lemonade: lemons, water, sugar, and a mint leaf.

I loved having her here and am having to make a transition back to a less active life.

Yesterday afternoon, I worked on the outfit I had started for her. All finished and ready for the mail and last night I embroidered while watching The House of Elliot - love that show and am ready for my next Netflix installation of episodes.


  1. Time shared with the little grandkids is so worth it, so fun, and too short...till it's time to send them home so gramma can rest that least at my house that's the way it is. :)

  2. Looks like you both built some wonderful memories together!

    Cool dragonfly.

  3. How neat for you both. My kids are currently at my parents house. I treasure memories of spending time with my grandparents and want them to have the same opportunity I did to spend time with their grands.

  4. I'll bet it's a HUGE change. Probably makes finishing her little dress all the more meaningful, too.

  5. Connie - Yes, rest! Much needed.

    Kim - The dragonfly's color was so interesting, so didn't come across in the photo.

    Swooze - Memories from my visits to my grandparents are vivid. Hope she will remember some of it!

    ACey - The quiet takes some getting used!


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