Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This and That

More rain this morning! Nice, soft, gentle, and hopefully, persistent.

I bought this material last week and plan to cut into it today.

Going through some of the stuff at Laddie's, I found these odds and ends of buttons and an old buckle(?). Everyone saves buttons; buttons can probably be found in 0ver 90% of junk drawers nation wide. There are button jars and loose buttons and buttons still in the little paper envelopes-- multiplying and waiting for the next occasion of their being put to use.
The important one is the Sledge button - my mother's father was a dentist, but he also owned a general store in Castor, LA. (Wickipedia lists Castor as a village; its current population 209. It could never have been much more than that.) I believe he bought the store in the 1920's. The Sledge button must have been on some promotional item in the store.

I made some of the lentil/spinach soup yesterday...it was good. Fee liked it...but it wasn't heavenly. Don't get me wrong, if I hadn't tasted Sunshine's lentil/spinach soup, I wouldn't even quibble, but I had and this just wasn't as good.

The recipe made a big batch, so some of it is in the fridge for today's lunch, and a couple of bags are now in the freezer and will be greatly appreciated a few months from now. In the meantime, I will attempt to find out the secret to the soup of the gods served at Sunshine Health Food's restaurant.

I love soups. Here are a couple more recipes that sound good to me; I must try this dilled tomato and eggplant soup and this roasted eggplant and tomato soup from Epicurious soon. Then, if they are really good, I'll make a batch to freeze for those fall and winter months when soup is even tastier.


  1. the roasted tomato and eggplant soup sounds scrumptious to me! my eggplant is still producing so i think i'll make some with my next batch. thanks!!

  2. The button with the anchor on it came off an old US Navy pea coat. I actually have my father's navy pea coat hanging in the closet. Heavy wool -- can't imagine what it was like when it got wet. :)

  3. suesue - I love eggplant any way it can be presented. I have an eggplant soup recipe that it is delicious, but the roasted eggplant/tomato one sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

    paulal - I wondered about that one; my uncle was in the Navy so I suspect it may have been his. Thanks for confirming. Don't you know those pea coats were frequently wet! :)

  4. I do love good soup recipes. The eggplant soups looks interesting.

  5. Very pretty fabric. How lovely to be cutting fabric as it rains. Sounds relaxing. Lentil/spinach soup sounds divine. I'm sure you're being too hard on your own soup and it's wonderful. ;o) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Kindly, Jessica
    Oh! I love your buttons, but being a button floozy, it may go without saying!

  6. Button, button, you've got neat buttons. I have some from my grandma's sewing box. Everyone wonders why I hang onto them. They just don't get it.....take care and have a great weekend.

  7. Kim - Anything with eggplant is interesting to me. I can't wait until it is really soup season!

    Kids Napping - Ooops! I still haven't gotten around to cutting those fabrics -- things around here have gotten out of hand, and I really need to get back on track.

    :) The soup was actually better the next day.

    Rhondee - Oh, another button lover! How many of us were influenced by grandma's sewing box or button jars?


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