Monday, August 18, 2008

Relaxing Sunday & Another Monday

One of my favorite places to visit is Miss Information, who makes me chuckle every time. This post joins some of my favorites; well, I'm easy, most of her posts are my favorites until the next one.

I added some yo-yos with tiny vintage buttons to the sash on the little dress. Now, I actually kind of like it. With just a small embellishment, my attitude changed.

Not a very good picture below because the buttons caught the flash and the yo yos don't really show.
IMG_0201 a21 Y O U/Uneeda Biscuit
Q glowing Pastry Cutter U i L diagram Pewter Ransom Font t IMG_4677
went to the country yesterday. We cooked some burgers, ate with nephew Cody and his friend Hunter, and rode around in the woods. Two turkeys crossed in front of us at one point, but before I could get the camera up, they were out into the trees and underbrush.

The cabins are coming along; they aren't very big...really just a bedroom with a shower, but we are SO looking forward to being able to take advantage of the retreat they will offer.


  1. That dress is absolutely presious. Lucky little girl.

  2. I would just want to live there and *occasionally* show up at my main address...

  3. The yo yos are great - just the finishing touch the dress needed.

  4. Gerrie - Thanks, I'm much happier with it since adding the yo yos to the sash!

    ACey - Can't wait until cooler weather to enjoy the country visits even more. Still lots of work to be done, however!

    Kim - Thanks, Kim, I still wish I'd ordered some bright Kaffe Fasset fabric for the dress and sash, but the yo yos help.

  5. LOVE the cabin. am about ready to build my free-standing studio retreat. we've got to talk more . . .

  6. i would love a plac like that to retreat problem would be knowing when to go home :)

    the dress is adorable too!

  7. jeanne - I would love to have the cabin function as a studio retreat! Of course, I do plan to take my machine when we go, but it would be so nice to have it just as a studio!

    Karoda - I suspect that at least during the cooler months, I'll have trouble leaving. It is only a little over a 30 minute drive...


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