Monday, August 11, 2008

Rain, Yoga, Happiness

Rain! What a blessing. We had rain Friday morning and again last night! Certainly needed and appreciated.

I decided to try the 8:00 AM yoga class this morning with Barry. It was fun and is a great way to begin the day. Every teacher is so different and the variety of work outs and areas of concentration are so different, but each teacher and each class provides something unique to the experience.

One thing that has surprised me is how quickly everyone (who has stuck with it) has improved. Most of us can do crow (or crane now) -- although we don't look like this.

My favorites are the twists because they make my back feel so good. Yoga Journal is a great resource and has loads of pictures like these of various poses.

Kim at Mouse Medicine had an interesting post on giving and reminded me of this article that I may (or may not) have mentioned on an earlier post. Here are some quotes from the article:

Can money buy you happiness? Yes—so long as you spend the money on someone else. According to new research, giving other people even as little as $5 can lead to increased well-being for the giver.


Although people believe that having money leads to happiness, our research suggests that this is only the case if at least some of that money is given to others.

I find these results fascinating. Buying someone a small gift provides greater happiness than buying yourself an expensive item. We may have believed something to this effect from our own experiences or from anecdotal evidence, but research supports it.


  1. A good Monday morning reminder of what is really good in our lives.

  2. I think I'm going to make a fall resolution and start doing yoga again! I miss it and it's so good for the soul and body!

    the more one gives the more one gets in the thing that really counts (contentment!)... good article! have already sent it to others....

  3. i really believe that to be true about giving. nothing makes me happier than for someone to say "i love it and will treasure it always". i think that goes doubly
    true for handmade gifts or even thoughtful gift wrapping!

  4. Gerrie -Oh, the rain! The rain was wonderful and brought cooler temperatures, too!

    kimy - Yoga is an excellent way to keep fit, as you say, in "soul and body." Like tai chi, that concentration on the breath creates such relaxation and alertness.

    suesue - Yes, when someone loves something you've made for them, it increases the happiness in giving! And it is really interesting to add how much pleasure there is in a beautifully wrapped gift.


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