Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quilt Labels - Drudgery or Delight?

Juliann has done a couple of posts about quilt labels - here and here. It made me think about my love/hate relationship with quilt labels. I love to read the labels on other people's quilts - the information is always interesting to me, and some people are so creative with their labels. On the other hand, I don't enjoy making labels and have tended to consider them a chore. Which is the wrong approach, don't you think?

Here are some questions for you:
  • How do you feel about making labels?
  • Do you have a favorite method of making labels?
  • A favorite label that you have created?
  • A favorite label that you've seen?
  • Tips or suggestions?
  • Do you stay mostly utilitarian or branch out into artistic labels?
  • Have you used pre-printed labels like these or these?
If you decide to answer these questions on your blog, please leave me a comment so I can visit!

I like this little 4 patch one; from Provencial Patch, a simple way to make neat text; love the little train on this one from Lulu Lollylegs; and a label tutorial for unique labels from A Country Mouse in the City.

Ya' know, as I've pursued the topic on this post...I've decided I can do better. My little utilitarian labels are so dull, it is no wonder I don't enjoy making them. I like the back of my quilts to be fun - why not the labels?

O.K. - now, I guess it is time to be off to the country for the big family get together - a little work and lots of play!


  1. I never make labels for my quilts or sign my embroidery. I did wonder whether I should for my book i finished recently, but so far I havent bothered. I guess I figure I know who made it and i dont care if i remain anonymous otherwise

  2. Paula - I think I'm what is known as a "nosy parker" - none of my older quilts have labels, and I wish they did. Then again, I love old postcards...even when I've never heard of the individuals who wrote or received them. :)

  3. Thinking of you with the hurricane coming.

  4. I have not used the pre-printed labels. I'm pretty bad about labeling my quilts. Lately, I've been writing on them in a corner with a Pigma Pen - mainly my name and the date. That way, if I get industrious and make some labels, I'll just sew them over my signed name. My preference is to use pretty clipart and treated fabric which I run through an ink jet printer.

  5. Oh dear, my labels leave so much to be desired. I do not have a good printer, so I hand-write on fabric and I fuse it. If I do a label at all. Most of my art pieces I just sign on the front like Judy above me.

  6. Labels...I try to stay away from them!
    Stop by I have a surprise for you!

  7. Jules - Thanks for the good thoughts!

    Judy - I usually use a Pigma pen and a fused label - sometimes including it when I do the binding, but often forgetting until after everything is done. I like the idea of clip art!

    rian - I'm afraid to use the printer after an unpleasant incident, but really do want to try again. I'm a handwritten, fused person for the most part. I like the idea of signing the front.

    Sabii Wabii - I'll be over shortly!

  8. I sometimes use the printer if I have appropriate fabric treated, but usually I just use Pigma pen. I like to put an unused block or part of one in the label, but other than that, I don't get fancy. However, I can't imagine using a pre-made commercial label or clip art. As far as info, I put my name, date, and name of the quilt if it has one; it spite of what some people think, I can't see future generations poring over one my quilts to find out their provenance!

    Interesting topic!


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