Tuesday, August 05, 2008

On PoeTrees and Spirit Books

The PoeTree Project appeals to almost every aspect of my varied interests! I love this project for the Newburyport Literary Festival, designed and coordinated by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord (in good spirit). Isn't this poem terrific?

I want a PoeTree!

Ms. Gaylord also has a series of Spirit Books that are just lovely. She was generous enough to give me permission to use a couple of pictures .Coincidentally, the people from the tree service have just arrived to trim the limbs of the trees in the front yard. Getting the dead limbs out and trimming others from the roof is something that has long needed to be done.


  1. I agree - I'd like a PoeTree too. Wonderful idea and I love her inspiration for it... just perfect, cherry blossoms and poem slips!

  2. Kim - I really do want to make one of my own. Maybe I'll write some poems and wait until spring when the peach tree blooms...


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