Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On Hats and Flawed Ideas and Follow-through

Grandson Max loves hats. He's just turned two, but he evidently has something of his great-grandfather's fondness for head gear. This little camouflage number had Max written all over it - well, after a little fusing and zig zagging, it did. The stitching proved more difficult than I anticipated because of the layers on the brim, but he won't care. It didn't take long and counts as one item I completed today. My original idea concerning the piece below has also presented obstacles. I got this started this morning and then didn't like the direction I'd planned on. Now, I'll have to re-think .

Kim's (Skybell Arts) Living Consciously segment of her blog always interests me. On a recent post the practice said to identify one thing you'd love to it.

I began pondering all of the things I say I'd love to do, but never get around to doing. Sometimes I'm afraid of beginning something I don't know much about, sometimes it seems that I would need to buy a bunch of stuff to get started, sometimes the project just seems too large or requires planning I'm not willing to engage in (planning is not a strong point in my life). Is it fear or laziness or having so many things already on my agenda -- that prevents me from going forward?

That question deserves more thought....

Picked up my new and stronger dosage of Levothyroxin today, the second increase this summer-- so more blood work in a month. That will be just fine if my energy pattern improves.

Pondering and looking for creative solutions to flawed ideas later...after my nap.


  1. Every stage of quilting or sewing seems to have its required thinking and doing to get it right. For me, it depends on my mood. I seem to cycle through the stages in various ways. Your projects always have a wonderful warm loving feel to them.

  2. thinking of all the things one would love to do is exhausting... I can see how a nap would be in order ;)!!

    good luck with the medication increase....


  3. whoops - forgot I was signed on as my alterego....

  4. Debra - You are so right about cycling through different projects in different stages. Things rarely go as planned down to the last detail, and my planning is always vague, but I do have something in mind when I begin. Sort of. :)

    minerva mouse - It is exhausting, isn't it? The nap didn't actually materialize, but I did leave the thinking alone for a while!

    I almost began with a comment about another "mouse" - but then saw the next comment about the alter ego.

    Now, I've discovered another wonderful blog that you have undertaken, Kimy!

  5. I must give credit Gay Hendricks' book - A Year of Living Consciously - I've been following his daily practice throughout 2008. With only four more months, I'll need to find another obsession for 2009!

    I use to think that if I was really good at time management I could do everything. Now, it's all about energy management and the process... but mostly just (re)learning how to play.

  6. Kim - It has been an interesting undertaking, and I've enjoyed thinking about several of the exercises you've discussed. I've enjoyed The Mindful Woman, too, although I misplace it frequently! Not too mindful, obviously.

    I'm still working on time management - procrastination and displacement activities wreak havoc with my good intentions.


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