Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Needles, Spools, Crochet Hooks

More treasures from the flea market sewing box:

pearl cotton (various sizes) crochet hooks (mostly tiny), 3 knitting needles, and scissors...curved needles, neat needle books, and a wooden needle holder...

old spools (put to new use - to hold embroidery floss)...

And there is yet more~~

Ah, yes, the best is yet to come. Tomorrow, I'll share my favorite, most cherished prize(s) --although it has certainly taken me long enough to appreciate the value-- from the contents of the flea market sewing box.


  1. This flea market sewing box is a veritable treasure trove. Can't wait to see what else comes out of this seemingly bottomless box.

  2. Paula - It really was a lucky discovery. I'm happier about it now than when I bought it!

    binaho6 - So many things in it. I didn't even photograph all of the stuff because some just didn't seem interesting. That little box was chock-full!

  3. wow, reminds me of an adventure i had years ago when a distant relative had to move from her country home and heard i liked sewing and left me A GARAGE filled with sewing stuff. like a giant flea market sewing box. obviously i haven't bought anything since that day.

  4. jude - Lucky you! I bet it took forever to go through!


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