Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hobbit House & Handmade

I found this hobbity cottage via planethappykids -
I love ecologically concerned housing, and this little house in Wales is another interesting example of how some individuals go about creating housing that conforms to their overall environmental standards. This style would not fit in my neighborhood, but wouldn't if be fun to live in a fairy tale wood and come home to this cottage, knowing that you were benefiting the earth and helping build "sustainable and resilient" communities? More
about the house and the family that built it - here and here.

Another cause that has come to my attention over the past year through various blogs is the Buy Handmade movement. This Christmas, I hope to buy more handmade items. Recently, I bought two prints from Etsy shops:

This one from Obsolete World - which I hung in the "Mila's bedroom" for her visit.
And this one from Arian - which I gave to Amelia.I love Arian's postcards, too. She sent the one below along with the larger print.I was very pleased with both purchases!


  1. I also like the Buy Handmade idea. I may not do it for all gifts, but for decorations I will. Several years ago, after having a Hobby Lobby sensory overload, I swore never to buy another Chinese-made Christmas decoration, (or any other season), and I've kept the vow. It's not even hard.

  2. Kay - I'm often hesitant about giving what I make as gifts (except to the grandkids because they won't judge quality), but there are so many wonderful things on Etsy that I intend to peruse for gift giving. They are often one-of-a-kind and that is special, too. Even if they are not, they are unlikely to be what is available by the thousands in stores.

    I like making my own Christmas decorations and seeing what other "crafty types" are making. Besides, half the fun is engaging in the creative part of holidays!


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