Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free-for-all Friday

Who knows where this day will go?

Finished the stars on the back of the doll quilt last night. I'll get some pictures when the light is better, but I like it. I've been considering adding some text among the stars on the back, but believe I'll delay that decision because..

At present, other ideas are competing. For example, this little package of animals that Debby sent a while back caught my attention. Wouldn't they make playful embroidered figures on (gasp!) another doll (or small wall) quilt?
Played with some of the scraps using "liberated" methods, but I'm going to put them away until something comes to me. Sometimes process is more relaxing than either progress or product.
I found these pieces that at one time were intended to be a quilt border (Diana Hires style), but didn't work out, so were shoved aside. They may work with another idea I have in mind.Today should be busy with lots of errands and maybe a little cleaning, but I hope to get started on another project.

Some delicate blooms : hyacinth bean, society garlic, 3 different salvias, a soft rosey red, a white, and blue/black salvia, autumn clematis, and for greenery and heavenly perfume - basil.

I wish you could smell that basil!


  1. I like the way you're thinking about using "old stuff". I agree that the process is sometimes the best part.

  2. Drilled into us in every single Child Dev class: Process over product!! Learning through discovery! Creating our own knowledge! Gee, I can't wait to see what you do with the little "critters!" I loved that pattern, I just knew I'd never actually use it...I'm SO glad you might!!=-) Have fun!!

  3. process rules, to be sure.

    And very little trumps the scent of basil leaves ...

  4. Kay - Used some more old pieces of borders today on an embroidered piece. I'm going to whip some of these scraps and WIPs in line. I hope!

    Debby - I'm eager to get started on my idea for the little critters! At first, I was just going to do the little stuffed critter pins, but then I had another idea. Thanks again!

    ACey - I'm not nearly as meditative as you are, but "process" is calming and satisfying!

  5. I know "process" is key to most of my creative fun. The basil does look good... I'd be toss it with some olive oil, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, asparagus, and roasting it!


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