Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Little Dress

Amelia wanted me to make a dress for Bryce Eleanor like one that she had bought--she has something in mind for this experiment. I made a pattern (the dress is so simple) and bought some fabric on sale.

Yesterday, I finally cut it out and sewed it up. Couldn't try it on Bryce so I'm not sure about the location of the sash, which seems a little high although I used the actual dress when I made the pattern and the pattern markings, I must have failed to take something into account.It is quite overcast today, so the pictures are a bit dark. The original dress was especially cute because of the fabric, and sadly, this fabric doesn't begin to have the appeal of the original (but it was on sale & I didn't have to wait for an online order). The fabric is so important that regardless of the pattern, the style, etc. - the fabric will make the difference between loving and tolerating a dress. I should have just made a muslin mock-up...

Below is a picture of a swallowtail that I took yesterday evening, after Fee followed it to its resting place. When we first saw it, I thought it was a bird, it was so large. It was almost as big as my hand!


  1. i love sewing for kids more than adults! that you tube video is great-it made me laugh, especially the zipper subway. thanks for the comment about my banner. i love it and consider sort of like a large scrapbook page on my wall.

  2. what a great way to spend the day - stitching up such an adorable dress for an adorable wearer. and that swallowtail - gorgeous. there's something almost magical about seeing butterflies long enough to capture a snapshot.

  3. suesue - Much more fun, isn't it, to sew for kids? The button video does tickle the funny bone; I admire whoever put it together for a number of reasons.

    jeanne - It WAS a great way to spend the day. Sewing, embroidering, and quilting are relaxing, but stil have a useful feel.

    My husband followed the swallow tail, calling for me to get the camera. When it finally rested, I had to carefully step my bare feet into a jungle-y portion of the bed to get his picture.

  4. My daughter (20) and I were at the fabric store the other day and saw the cutest pair of kid capris. My daughter turned to me and said "I bet you can't wait to start sewing for my kids!" After she said that that would be about 10 years from now... I said "Sure! Anything for you, Baby Girl."

    I did think of you when I saw them.

  5. Kim - :) I felt that way when my girls were 20, and both of them waited a LONG time before deciding on families. I'm glad they waited, but I do love all the baby & kid stuff now!


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