Thursday, August 07, 2008

And the last of the sewing box

This looks like a flat needle of some sort. Does anyone have an idea about this? I'd love to know its purpose.

Another mystery...I am not familiar with this symbol. Does anyone recognize it?
The ever present tape measures.
Some lingerie notions.
Another needle book.

And finally, my most cherished find. Sterling silver thimbles. That actually fit!
When I bought the sewing box, I was not quilting or embroidering and so paid little attention to these. Yesterday, I cleaned them up a bit and fell in love with the details and all of the little imperfections. One is a bit out of round .
What caused this, I wonder?The entire box cost next to nothing. I don't remember how much, but I know my flea market it was only a few dollars.


  1. Your thimbles are wonderful! I just love the detail. Regarding your first two photos -- I think the first is a flat bodkin (for threading ribbons), the second is the 'Cross and Crown' (see Wikipedia as a start.)

  2. You really got a wonderful bargain. I have a thimble much like the one on the right, but out of gold. My brother got it at a thrift shop, and I don't know the vintage, but I assume it is fairly old. I guess ladies have always liked pretty things. I googled your cross and crown, but didn't find one exactly like it. There seem to be different organizations which have it for their emblems.

  3. I was thinking King's Cross but what do I know.

  4. The first pic is either a bodkin or possibly a naalbinding (sort of crochet with a needle) needle. Kim is right about the Cross and Crown symbol too. Beautiful version of it on the pin you have.

  5. Kim - I so happy that those thimbles actually fit! A bodkin -- I did think about ribbon, since even the eye is flat, but had no idea. Will check Wikipedia next for the Cross and Crown. Thanks, Kim!

    Candace - Yes, I do think ladies have always loved pretty things. I love it when ordinary items are assumed to be worthy of beauty.
    However, if the needle woman had a gold thimble, I'd say she was not sewing for a living!

    rian - More than I do...!

    Delta - I've never even heard of a naalbinding! I'll have to look that up, too. Thanks, Delta.

  6. what a fun post! had identified the top item as an implement for threading strings or ribbons - and forgot it was called a bodkin - what a great word.

    I have seen the cross and crown image before, but not the meaning.... according to the portal of all knowledge (wiki) it seems as if it has been appropriated by quite a few groups over the years....wonder if there was a freemason or knights templar in the family where the box came from!

    great thimbles...what a deal

  7. I enjoyed looking through your sewing box treasures. What a fantastic find for you. I have my mother's Singer treadle machine and my grandmother's New Home treadle machine, both of which contain treasures like yours. Time to go reacquaint myself with them I think. Thanks for the nudge.

  8. kimy - Bodkin is a great word isn't it? I always associate it with Hamlet and the "bare bodkin." Dagger, blunt needle, what's the diff?

    Betty - Oh, you have two great treasures in those machines! Just the machines alone!


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