Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miscellaneous Items

Ruffles...My bat face cuphea never fails to charm me. The colors and the little bat face are just awesome.
And over at Melly & Me, I found this perfectly light-hearted creature. Of course, if you glance through the blog, you'll find more adorable creations.


  1. Very interesting items. I had never seen the 'little bat face' before. It's very pretty, and the name is so appropriate.

  2. Ooh, love those ruffles made from the sweet B.E. fabric :)

  3. Candace- Aren't they the quirkiest little flowers? I do love them, and they are SO easy. Cuttings are quick to root, too.

    Connie - Thanks! :) I've finished the dress except for snaps, I thought I had enough of the white ones, but only had 4 when I need 6. Also need some bias tape for the casing on the little bloomers - so off to JoAnne's today!

  4. my e has a special weakness and fondness for bats, I must find some of these bat-face cuphea - never ran across them before! they are gorgeous and quirky!

    the bee fabric is fun.

    by the way like the slide show widgit thingy

  5. the butterfly pins sticking out of the colorful pin cushion is adorable and perky.

  6. Fun designs at Mellyandme - Florence is sweet!

  7. kimy - Oh, I'll have to find my "bat site" - last year I adopted a bat and send the certificate and picture, etc. to Mila! E would love this!

    Karoda - I love those pins they are longer and thinner than any of my other pins! I'm sure they are they same as the flower pins I see frequently, but I do want more.

    Kim - Aren't they cute? I guess it is the grandmother in me, but I have a much greater interest in "cute" and in soft creatures that I used to!

  8. Kay - The ruffles aren't as even as I'd like, but...I'm not sure Bryce will care. :)


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