Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Morning Has Broken..."

I'm getting in a little computer time before Miss Mila wakes up. I found this cool activity for making paint splatter fairies over on Lapaz Home Learning via The Crafty Crow. After the unit of fairies was complete, a Fairy Notebook was compiled--what kid wouldn't love this! Ahem...and the fact that I want to make a fairy is only a coincidence.

Always interested in education, I love visiting home schooling and unschooling blogs. Although I was part of the education system (mostly on the upper end of the spectrum, as my students were enriched and advanced placement seniors), the idea of home schooling fascinates me because it concentrates on adding art and craft and imagination to learning. While I was still in the system, the direction that education was taking was counterintuitive to what I believe--and that makes my fascination with Montessori and Waldorf Schools, home schooling and un-schooling that much greater. They are so much fun!

Checking on Miss Mila... where did she go?
Ahhh, here she is taking a little cartoon time while waiting for waffles.-------------------------------------
The Domestic Diva continues her series on Sewing Room Organization. Are you as fascinated with creative spaces as I am? With storage ideas? With work stations and cutting tables and design walls? The Diva leaves nothing out and provides plenty of pictures and links.
Time for a bath and today's activities! Miss Mila wants to see Matthew and Maggie and Baby Bryce and Aunt Mimi and go to the library and go to SciPort and paint and sew and...


  1. ...enriched and advanced placement seniors.

    That's exactly what I want! No, really, home schooling or unschooling with a concentration on art and craft and imagination. Oh, and I need recess - some regular exercise and social play.

    Montessori/Waldorf education for the 50 plus-ers.

  2. So glad you stopped by! Truly, the fairy unit was some of the most fun school we've had.
    I was also a classroom teacher way back in another life, and that is one thing that makes me love and appreciate homeschooling sooooo much!

  3. just to let you know, i've been lost in cyberspace for about 90 minutes looking at all the sewing rooms linked at the domestic diva. most of them are very pretty to look at, but none seemed like a place to get down and dirty :)

  4. Kim - And my high school seniors loved doing projects! I even read children's stories a couple of years during campaigns to encourage reading. They went from Madame Bovary to Eloise (and had much more fun with Eloise).

    But yes, exercise and social play and song and dance! Recess is required.

    Theresa - We did use straws to blow paint today, but didn't get around to the fairy faces. We had so much fun! Thanks for the great idea!

    Karoda - Mine will never be neat because it just isn't in my make up, but I do love looking at beautiful creative spaces. Of course, some of them probably only look that good for the photo shoots!

  5. Looks like you are having a blast with the kiddos--and making wonderful memories for them, too. Thanks for the bit/link on Sewing Diva. Great site.

  6. rian - I am having a great time!

  7. Aunt Jenny, I had a wondeful time painting fairies and embroidering my picture. Give Miss Mila a kiss for me. Love, Maggie

  8. Maggie - I had such a good time, too! And also at Sci Port!


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