Sunday, July 27, 2008

More on Buttons and Stuff

Fabric stores are another temptation for buttons. Many of these just sit around forever, neglected and often forgotten.

The beautiful button on the bottom I ordered from Joggles a couple of years ago; I'm sure the time will come when I need this exact button. The picture below makes it look mostly blue, but the colors in the picture above are more accurate.Oh, I've just thought of a way to use this button. I knew a purpose would eventually develop.


  1. Love the buttons and your Blog!..that table looks familiar!!

  2. Cool elephant buttons!

  3. You have some very beautiful buttons. I think I should start my own collection, as I can never find the exact right buttons when I need them.

  4. Mary - Thanks! That large flat surface just invites clutter!

    Jules - I bought the elephants at JoAnne's and wish I'd bought the pig buttons, too, while I was there.

    Fioleta - There are so many lovely and/or funny buttons to choose from, but I often have to go by new ones when I need them!

  5. If your grands are like mine, they will enjoy sorting buttons.

  6. Thanks, Gerrie, that will make a great quiet time activity. Sorting by color, size, shape, etc. I remember now you doing a post on having Mia and Milo help sort beads, etc.


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