Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Fun

No progress on this since Tues. Too busy.

After an early morning walk (around 7:30--which is the only suitable time due to the heat), Mila found some of the buttons so I went ahead and let her play. I'd planned on putting a bunch of different buttons in a jar for her, but we began with these, and I added a few more later.
First she sorted, then she began making pictures.
Then I got out some card stock trimmed to postcard size from several years ago when I did mail art, and Mila glued the buttons to the card stock. She did two of these before it was time for the library.

The library opened at 9:00, and we were there soon after they opened. The books were much less important than these blocks (2 x 4 pieces in various sizes, sanded smooth), and Mila was soon immersed in building a house...
with windows, a door, furniture, and a garage -- all for sleep puppy. She spent nearly 45 minutes on this portion of the library visit and had everything her little puppy could want in a home, including a bed & pillow, couch, television, and more before another child came and caused the demolition of a wall as he was building an airport. I wish I'd gotten pictures of the finished product and of the catastrophic destruction of imminent domain.
She did choose a few books.When we got back home, she used my scraps and design board and created some more little houses. She had to use the step ladder to reach and had her scissor to cut anything she needed to the appropriate size. The triangles and squares were left over from other projects, but she got busy cutting things to size.

After lunch, it was down to the River Walk and the disappearing fountains! Boy, do the kids love this place. It is a feature of a wonderful little shopping area built like a small town, complete with a trolley.


  1. I love the way she went right into the water wearing her dress!

    You're making wonderful memories for this little girl.

  2. Her exuberance is so contagious. I think you are headed for grandmother of the year award ...

  3. Kay- Or she is making wonderful memories for me!

    ACey - or the rest home!


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