Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's Not Forget...

Dorset buttons!

Thanks again to Marie for the links to making Dorset buttons! Here are some of Stephanie's and here is a tutorial. I have had such a great time making these.

Some that have not yet been beaded -

These have been beaded and attached to cuffs.

And this concludes the "button posts" - whew!

Miss Mila arrived this afternoon about 5:30, and we had quite a time until she went to bed. In the garden, she said (on the run) "Sunflowers! Sunflowers! I've never really seen one!" We'd already talked a little bit about seeds (the seed heads on the Queen Anne's Lace are particularly interesting), and she wanted to know where to get sunflower seeds. Planning ahead...

While I always enjoy my Notes from the Universe (such a great way to begin my morning during the week), sometimes the notes are even better than usual:

The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want.

And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself.

And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself.

And the only way to be yourself, Jen, is to listen to your heart.

I do,
The Universe

French toast every now and then might help, too, Jen.


  1. Oh these are way to cute !! I must try making some of these - love the colours that you choose !

  2. I discover new stuff every day by visiting people's blogs. Whole new worlds open up...Dorset buttons, who knew! Wonderful! They must be fun to make.

  3. Amy - These buttons are the perfect thing for handwork while watching television. Try it- you'll like it!

    rian - I know! There are way to many people out there with great ideas! I'm constantly finding things I want to try!

  4. sounds like you'll be having a rollicking good time with miss mila - just what the universe would want for jen!

  5. I've been enjoying your button posts. I've got a large stash of buttons left from my "wearable art" days that I need to do something with. My favorites are the bakelite ones. I've got the ones with the flapper girl that you showed; I actually used those. Love them!

  6. Thanks for tutorial link. I know I have plastic drapery rings somewhere. Might be a nice diversion.

  7. Yummy buttons Jenclair, you might just get me going again. I really like the blue and green one.

  8. kimy - The Universe is usually right!

    Kay - Oh, do share your buttons with us! Especially the bakelite!

    Kim - It is a diverting occupation and great when watching television!

    Stephanie - I appreciate you beginning the chain of buttoneers with your post!


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