Sunday, July 27, 2008

Currently Cleaning...

For some reason, my cutting table becomes a place to gather and pile materials. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if I worked on one project at a time...
Regardless of how or why this happens, fact is that it is currently an awful mess and must be cleared.

Friday's Note from the Universe:
Would it be as much fun, Jen, if you never stopped laughing? If there were never any clouds? If you were never challenged? If you were never alone? If you never heard the whole truth when it hurt? If you always knew what would happen, what to do, and where to go?

Or would you be like, "Beam me down, Bro!"

Yep, The Universe

Relish the quiet, Jen, enjoy the mysteries, and welcome the whole truth.

I do love receiving my daily Notes and miss them on the weekend when they don't arrive. Even the Universe needs the weekend break... Not that I would welcome the "whole truth" too often. Occasionally is quite enough. :)


  1. Oh what pretty buttons ! I need to get my butt in gear and get my sewing area cleaned up also.

  2. Amy - Too funny! I was posting on your blog as you posted here!

  3. Great minds think alike ;) One of these days we will have to do a get together, I've only been down your way once in my life ( to pick up 3 Rat Terriers LOL ) Do ya'll have any good quilt stores around your area ?

  4. Mess? I see creativity clutter, but no mess, lol, I have the same thing going on here right now. A sign of a creative person at work.

    I enjoyed your Note from the Universe. :)

  5. Amy - One of our quilt stores, The Material Girl, has recently closed, but there is still Fabric Boutique in Bossier. And JoAnn's and Hancock's for fabric and more, but not specifically quilting. Where are you located, Amy?

    Kim - I prefer your take on things and like the term "creative clutter" and boy, does it happen fast!

  6. I so relate to the messy work areas. And you are spot on - it has to do with working on more than one thing at a time.

  7. Gerrie - Had to laugh at this because I can't imagine dealing with as many projects and techniques as you!

  8. I'm actually comforted by a certain amount of clutter when I'm working on projects. I usually hit a clutter threshold when my favorite small scissors start to play hide and seek.

  9. Kim - I know what you mean, but when I need the space for a new project, it is frustrating to have to clean up the residue of 3 or 4 other messes. :) But some things never change...


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