Monday, July 28, 2008

Buttons Continued

I don't know what this will end up as... I believe I've finished the embroidery, but I'm not sure and may come back with something later. I'm hoping for a visit from Mila soon! She will be starting kindergarten this year; I can hardly believe that she is 5 years old. What will we make while she is here?

As I continue to clean and organize...I realize how hard is for me to resist cute, pretty, or unusual buttons.

Oh, for another chance to play with my grandmother's button jar! There were certainly many childhood hours spent sorting buttons by size and color-- unaware of any treasures that I'd certainly look for today.

Loose buttons and buttons on cards still charm me, and I still pick them up at flea markets now and then.

The top two cards below (the yellow and the pink) are vintage buttons that Marie sent me a while back. They are awaiting a project with some vintage prints...probably little dresses for little girls. Truthfully though, it will be quite difficult to force myself to remove the buttons from the card. The tiny white ones I bought at flea markets. Here are various shell buttons I've picked up over the years.

The backs are pretty rough, but sometimes I like the backs even better for their homely touch. I turned a few over for comparison...

I'm working on at least one more post on buttons...I have by no means exhausted this subject!


  1. What wonderful memories Mila must be developing thanks to you. Love all your thoughts (and pics) related to buttons. Love the vintage cards!

  2. Button, button, who's got the button. You are making wonderful memories for little Mila. When I read Michelle's eulogy for her grandmother (my MIL) it was all about the things they did together when she was a little girl. Those are the most special things in life.

  3. ACey - I hope we will make some good ones when she gets here! I plan on some painting, reading, and sewing--oh wait, those are things I like to do!

    rian - Funny how even the little things come back to you at odd times. I can remember my grandmother letting me pick out fabric for a skirt when I was about 6. I chose a print with huge cocker spaniels all over. Cute! My grandmother never twitched a muscle...just took it to the cutting table.

  4. I do love the embroidery you did for Mila!I especially like how she's(?) holding the letters of her name out in front of her... looks like a necklace.

  5. Kim - Oh, I didn't think of it as a necklace, but that is perfect!


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