Friday, July 11, 2008

4 x 6

Decided to make a few 4 x 6 pieces since I have a 5 x 7 frame with a 4 x 6 opening.
Another one of my wild hair girls. I do love making these wind blown girls, but I was having some difficulty with tension and so there is a bit of a problem at the top. I quilted on the batting so I could put the back on later and be able to use it as a postcard. I like the body and the clothes, but screwed the face overall I don't like this piece, even though I was having great fun until filling the face.Pictures of the 2nd girl (I like her much better) tomorrow.

I've two new pieces of embroidery at work as well; I just couldn't wait to use some of my new silk floss so I had to come up with something to work on. I'll take pictures of these soon, too.

Looking at some photos of my Queen Ann's Lace at seed stage, I decided to play with them a little.


  1. I just love your stuff. The windblown girl is great! (My year old son's hair looked like that this morning.)

  2. I think the face suits the wild hair girl, it gives it lots of visual interest.

  3. Jules - Thanks, Jules. :) Wind and humidity can really mess your hair.

    Kim - Thanks, Kim. It wasn't what I had in mind, but that is a frequent occurrence--some things transform themselves in spite of my efforts. Sometimes, admittedly, for the better!

  4. You are so talented...such cool things!

  5. I think you did a great job on the girl's face, body and hair....she reminds me of ME!!!! LOL

  6. Connie - Thanks for such nice comments! They are quick and easy and help me keep my hand in when I can't get started on anything else.

    Rhondee - :) She reminds me of me, on certain occasions, too!

  7. seems you are on a roll making appealing hand and machine embroideries that have a lot of charm and individual character. My queen anne's lace is in full bloom right now but the weather is so weird it will probably go to seed very quickly.

  8. ACey - I think I am on a roll in the sense that I'm getting SOMETHING done. Sometimes it is as if I freeze up and can't seem to make anything, then comes a thaw and it is off in different directions

    I have a few late plants that don't get but about a foot tall, but all of the spring and early summer plants have gone to seed.


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