Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Like It Hot....

Summer used to be a slow and relaxed time (faulty memory, no doubt), but this summer is starting at a hectic pace. On the downside of hectic, my AC unit isn't working; with temperatures in the mid-90's and high humidity, this can be quite uncomfortable. Note the well-modulated understatement in the word uncomfortable.

When I got home yesterday after a meeting and lunch with my brothers, the house was distressingly warm - 80 degrees inside & stuffy. A young man came out a little after 5:00 and managed to get the unit cooling again; it worked for several hours, then went out again last night. Called them before 8:00 AM, and was pleasantly surprised to have someone answer. Now, I'm waiting for a call from the repair man...and that could take quite a while.

As I was typing, they called back and won't be able to get to me until tomorrow morning. I'm wilting now. Will be melting soon.

Details of some of the new cuffs I've been working on.


  1. Such cute pictures! And I like these cuffs, too.

  2. The cuffs are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. This is when I pull the fan up directly in front of my chair, grab a book or some hand sewing and wait it out...sometimes it's a long summer...When we lived in our old house (no A/C or we have a pool) I used to fill up the bathtub with cold water, and leave it full, I'd go in there every so often and wade around for a few really did help...Love the're so talented...and the understatement of "uncomfortable" was great, I'm proud of you!haha! =-)

  4. You have my sympathy about the broken a/c, ours went out summer before last and we did have to replace the old thing. I hope yours is repairable and soon.
    Connie W

  5. Our AC is almost 17 years old, and I worry aboout it, but so far so good (knock on wood). Hope they get yours back cooling soon, I live in Florida, so know how you feel.
    The cuffs are beautiful, and so intricate.

  6. Your cuffs are wonderful ! I adore the Dorset's! I truly can't imagine the heat - and I am sure it's humid too! We have cool, rainy weather. Have had the heat on the last two days!!!

  7. Kay - Thanks! I manage to include my garden and my sewing :)

    Jules - Thanks for the encouraging words!

    Debby - I had to sit outside in front of the fan! Book in hand, of course. I like the bathtub wading pool idea!

    Connie - It has been repaired now, and well worth the expense!

    Candace - :) Oh, yes, heat & humidity in Florida would require excellent cooling! Thanks for the nice comments on the cuffs.

    Marie - I think your little island is perfect! I would love a cooler climate...


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