Sunday, June 22, 2008

Japanese Knot Bags

While I was at the library yesterday, I saw a woman showing her Japanese knot bag to one of the librarians. The fabric was lovely and so was the bag, but it seemed a little different from the pattern I downloaded, and it looked great. She said she got hers online from All People Quilt.

I was unable to find a pattern on APQ and after some research, I kept coming back to the same tutorial & pattern I'd originally downloaded.

It would seem that the bags would serve different purposes. The smaller one would be great for carrying a little cash, I.D., keys, etc. Ideal for a visit to a flea market. :) The larger, wider one the lady made would carry more.

Here is an adorable version of the smaller bag that Junie Moon posted. (Used with her permission.) The bag is reversible, and the other side is just as cute.She has other Japanese knot bags on her blog, too; click here if you want to check them out. I'm going to get around to making one...soon.


  1. That knot bag is sweet! I'm seeing it in black velvet encrusted with rhinestones in a radiating design...the possibilities are endless.

  2. That is so cute, thank you for sharing. I followed the link, and see that the know is formed by a shorter strap fitting over a longer one, so it looks fairly simple to do, and neat and secure. I have already saved the pdf.

  3. I'm in the process of making one too!!!!

  4. The Allpeoplequilt one origiannly appeared in a Quilts and More magazine. I saw it recently again in an ad in the Quilt Sampler where they are using it as a challenge. You can find the page here -
    Their pattern doesn't appear to have the base section, so it is flat. You can check it out for reference.

  5. I'm so tickled you like my renditions of the Japanese Knot Bag. They're fun and easy to make.

    For those looking for another pattern version, New Look has a knot bag (view B) in one of their patterns for 5 different bags, pattern #6574. This version does not have the round base like I used in the bags I made.

  6. Rian - Ooooh, as a fancy evening bag! You are right - endless possibilities with this bag.

    Candace - The bag does seem quite simple, and the lady at the library said it was a fast project!

    Potiron - I'll be checking yours out! I'm hoping that soon I'll get back to some sewing and this would be a perfect project.

    bettsy - Thanks! Yes, I had noticed that the lady's bag didn't have the round base section. Maybe I'll try both versions. Anyway, I appreciate your sending me the link!

    Junie Moon- And yet another version! Thanks for letting me use a picture of your cute bag!

  7. just darling. i did a felted bag similar and everyone loves it. this version is so much cooler for these hot days! thanks for the link.

  8. suesue - I'd love to see a felted version. Could you send me a link?


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