Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cooling Down

I took these early in the morning and the flash created an interesting look to the gladiolas. I was surprised that it flashed, but like the effect.

I ended up spending most of yesterday outside, in the shade, in front of the fan. When Fee called to say he was back in town, I told him about the AC. He called another company, and someone came around 4:30 and found that the coil was clogged, causing the unit to freeze. This resulted in a blown & fused switch box. He fixed it and was gone by a little after 5:30, leaving me considerably poorer, but happily-- cooler. The other guy didn't even check those things.

Other than sweating, the only thing I did yesterday was go check on Laddie. He has had pneumonia, but his temperature was back to normal yesterday and is again today.

I bought a package of tee shirts for him last week and cut them down the back, sewed the seams, and added velcro on some, snaps on others. That way it is easier and less stressful to dress him. After I'd done several of these, I went on line and found some sites with clothing for the disabled and ordered several items. Every day now, I wait for the mail hoping for a package.


  1. hey these flowers photos are so amazing. thanks for recent comments on my blog....having lots of email issues so never sure if folks get my answers.
    i read you comments about Laddie and i remember all these kinds of things with my dad.
    it is finally cooler here and i have stopped sweating!
    xx jude

  2. hey that flash effect is pretty cool. Am glad that you, too, are now cool. Glad you have found a source that will make things easier with Laddie's needs, etc.

  3. Beautiful pics of the flowers. I wish my camera took such great pics.
    Hey- If you want to just do a trade for the African fabric, I am fine
    with that. I am so ADD I did not notice that you offered that. Let me know.

  4. jude - I love those daylilies! Bless there simple little hearts. I don't believe it will be cooler here until November, but boy, would it would be nice to have a cooler spell.

    ACey - I'm so appreciative of air conditioning! When it doesn't work, I realize all the benefits of older homes with 10 foot ceilings and cross ventilation.

    Moorea - Thanks, I love documenting my flowers. I've mailed the check for postage, but it took me a couple of extra days to get it around to it!

  5. surely you had a pitcher of sweet tea with mint over ice while on the porch!?!

  6. Here's to some nice & cool days for you. :)

  7. Gorgeous flowers!
    Hope things have cooled down for you.

  8. I'm sorry you are sweltering. We have an air conditioner but it never gets hot enough to turn it on. It's amazing how flowers can fourish in the blistering heat and sun. Roses love it.

  9. Karoda - Should have! I was too lazy too make any, though.

    Connie - Thanks, things are much better now.

    Kim - Yes, things are cooler, thank goodness!

    Rian - Can't imagine actually living in a climate with less heat and humidity! And yes, roses do love the sun and heat, and most of my flowers are heat and drought tolerant. However, there are many that I can't grow because they require too much water and even then can't take the heat.


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