Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Congratulations are in order for Marie at ZQuilts, who has an article in the Bernina magazine Through the Needle! I hope to pick up a copy at my local quilt shop soon. :) I may be on my way shortly since I have no air conditioning and must seek cooler climes for the rest of the day!

While visiting Pink Chalk Studio, I discovered that Timtex is out of production. I didn't use it frequently, but there were certain projects (most recently the bottom of a tote bag) that called for this useful product. Evidently Craft Apple was the first to post about it, and she has a list of substitutes. Her top choice: Flexi Firm.

Cross-post from my book blog:

Listening to NPR , I heard a new term hyper-miling and since gas prices are so high (and with little chance of them going down to last year's prices), I found the idea interesting and did a little further research online. You can google the term and find out more, but here are two interesting articles concerning gas milage benefits and traffic jams & waves.

Now, some of the hyper-milers are extreme; they are actually in competition with other hyper-milers in trying to get more miles per gallon. Not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly not up everyone's alley and some practices might be dangerous.

Some of the tips offered are worthwhile, however, even though I'm driving much less this year. The article on traffic jams and waves is especially interesting to me as with constant repair work on our local roads and limited routes on our side of the river, traffic jams are frequent and merging often difficult.

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