Friday, May 23, 2008

This and That

We will be leaving this afternoon for our vacation. First to Baton Rouge for Mila's recital tonight -- how exciting is that? First recital! Fee and I will have camera at ready. Then on Saturday, we begin the trek to San Destin. Yesterday: packing and completing tasks for imminent departure.

This will be almost like a family reunion: Fee and I, our kids & grandkids and my brothers, Steve & Marty, and their families. Their will be 17 of us in all and we are going to have a huge family portrait done while there. The photographer has already been booked.

Today, I'm just finishing up details. Hoping not to forget anything important. Clothes, meds, sun tan lotion, camera, etc. I have cuffs, beads, embroidery floss, pearl cotton, needles, Dorset button rings, etc. all packed up and ready to include.

I have several Dorset buttons in progress for these cuffs, but haven't decided on beading yet.
The backs with my label.I have 4 more cuffs that I'm working on -- in lighter, more summery colors. Will try to get all 8 finished in between the beach, the pool, the reading, the wine, the conversation, and all else that will be going on. So...I guess that won't be happening.

Yesterday, I made a swimsuit cover-up. :) Bought the shirred cloth and then stitched it right up without even a hem, as the bottom has a selvedge edge. It will do. Maybe when I get back, I'll cut the selvedge off and put in a hem, but I've been pressed for time.

Check out Debby's give-away. I'm already a winner there, as I got in with the first comment. I think this is a great way to get rid of all of the stuff you don't want anymore-- but that someone else might be thrilled to have. In fact, I've seen an ETSY shop that sells the left-over bits from her own sewing experiences. Of course, I much prefer free, so thanks, Debby!

Bryce Eleanor has found her tongue. You can see Chris was taking a picture at the same time. See that foot propped up. Badly broken ankle. On this day, he had already had one surgery. Within a week, he had to have another one. No flying for this guy for a while.


  1. I saw bracelets similar to your cuffs in Paris boutiques. They were beaded and glitzy to the max, as you can imagine.

    What a cutey that little girl is!

  2. Such a sweetheart she is! Hey, thanks for linking to my blog. Caron gor the green hand-dyed gradation from Shades...I'm happy to be making space in my "room of doom!" Have a GREAT trip!

  3. bon voyage!! lots of marvelous events in store.

    how cute is bryce eleanor!!! healing wishes to b.e. papa....

  4. Too cute! I remember those days... it won't be long before the giggle and raspberry festivities begin.
    Wishing you wonderful weather for your vacation.

  5. oh, family festivities! have a wonderful vacation!

  6. Have a festive trip - love the pics of the wee one - she is just precious

  7. thanks for linking to justusquilters. I require a recipricol link back. Please read my posts under the justusquilters blog. If you have problems, please let me know. Thanks for signing on! quilty hugs.

  8. Kay - I'm planning to glitz some of them a bit more! Bryce is a real people-person. Loves attention!

    Debby - Oooh, I picked up my mail when I returned and got my package. I'll be getting around to those little critters soon. Thanks, Debby!

    kimy - Thanks for the healing wishes! He's better, and we all had a great time.

    Kim -Love that phrase: "giggle and raspberry festivities"!! And she is so there!

    Karoda - There were 19 of us in all (including the two family friends of the younger generation), and we had a ball!

    Mary - Thanks, Mary. I'm the typical grandmother - proud and delighted with each of the grands!

    Deb - And cuddly... :)

    Gerrie - Thanks! Hope you had a wonderful time on your trip; loved the pictures!

    Niki - Busy catching up now. Will see about that link soon!


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