Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catching up...

I forgot to post these pictures of the yoga tote I made for Robin. It is big enough to hold the yoga mat, a big beach towel (for when we visit the steam room after class), shoes, change of clothes, etc. It is really BIG, but she says she likes it, and she can certainly carry everything in one bag. Which , of course, I can't in the bag I made for myself that only has room for the mat.

Quilting the fabric...We had torrential rains and flooding here on Tuesday night. Unbelievable amounts of rain fell in just a couple of hours. Cars abandoned on flooded roads, homes & apartments with water inside up to several feet high, lightening that struck and burned apartments near us... We were very lucky and had no problems, but the damage in some areas is really terrible.


  1. What a great bag. I ought to make something like that for myself for my flight next month. I have a lap quilt to take with me, and I could probably get that and my purse in it. Hummm.

  2. Today we have rain...will it EVER stop and allow true spring to reign? I'm beginning to wonder.

  3. Candace - I have a big bag that I purchased somewhere (about the size of the one I made for Robin) that I always use when we go to the country. It usually has a small quilt, a container for thread, thimble, scissors, etc., a book, a change of clothes, and my purse in it. Even if we are only going to be there for a few hours and I never even get into it, I'm prepared with my favorite activities just in case.

    Connie - This has been the strangest - by far - spring I've ever experienced. Hope the rain doesn't linger to long in your neck of the woods!

  4. Great tote! How handy.

  5. Too bad some of that rain couldn't have come our way, then we all would feel better. It is so strange that we have a huge snowpack in the mountains that is beginning to melt in the hot weather and raise the river, leading the powers that be to start planning for flood contingencies, while at the same time it is so dry down here that we are having wildfire nightmares and hardly any spring wildflowers.

  6. Rian - Thanks, I'm hoping Robin is really enjoying it. I'm never sure if people like the things I make!

    Fran - We are really experiencing strange weather this year. We needed the rain to catch up because of this past year's drought, but it would be so nice if the rain could be distributed more equitably! Hope you will be getting plenty of rain soon to help with the wildfires, Fran. That must truly be a nightmare!


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