Friday, April 04, 2008

Room In Progress ..

just realized that is RIP - a scary thought.

I've been re-vamping and organizing, cleaning and trashing here in the chaos of my sewing room. This had been an AmaZingly time-consuming process. In spite of the fact that I knew it would be, the time it is taking continues to surprise me because there are so many decisions, and my poor brain gets overloaded.I have things scattered all through the house now, as I try to put like with like, decide what to keep and what to trash, and determine where to put things for the easiest access. I'm not showing the floor with its piles of stuff to go through - fabric, tools, freezer paper and stabilizers, etc. That is too much chaos for me to contemplate right now.
I have no choice now but to continue. In the meantime, I can't use my machine, although I can still do some hand work which calms me down in the evening.

These design boards have become just another place to store stuff and have pretty much lost their practical applications. So they, too, are on the list of things to clear.

And WIP's -- I am realizing how many things have been started and left unfinished. I guess that will be another post because now, I'm going to tackle this mess again.


  1. We both could use a genie in a bottle :)

  2. I've developed a similar problem with my design wall. Also my storage system isn't much of a "system" at all. Maybe these posts will inspire me to bite the bullet and deal with it head-on.

  3. Lots of creative chaos here! Hang in there, you'll get it done, and you'll love it. Take lots of breaks, listen to music while you work, you know the way, I'm sure.

  4. oooo...what interesting things you've got on those design walls. I can understand why they're there ... if they're put out of sight, you'll never get back to them. I've got the same thing going on and I have only ONE limited design wall. Aargh!

  5. You're my hero. Some things we own can be so hard to decide where they should go. I usually get so far and then just throw up my arms.

    I'm cheering you on with that project.

  6. Karoda - Oh, yes, a genie would be wonderful, wouldn't it!

    ACey - I'm making headway, but the more "stuff" one collects, the more time-consuming the process. Hopefully, when I finish, I will be able to put my hands on things more quickly!

    Kay - Chaos, for sure! I do take lots of breaks, but the music is an excellent idea. I love listening to NPR and can do that on the computer.

    Nellie - You make much more efficient use of one design wall than I do with two, Nellie. When I get these cleared off, maybe I'll be able to see things again!

    Booklogged - :) I'm getting close to throwing up my arms now. What a Pandora's box I opened!

  7. That RIP is quite an undertaking!! (hee-couldn't resist)

  8. Rian - I laughed so hard I started coughin'!

  9. I find some WIP just moves from the design wall to the inspiration wall. I admire your efforts.

    I'm still smiling as I contemplate undertaking my own studio RIP.

  10. Kim - :) Hope yours takes less time than mine did. I'm finally finished...or as good as finished.


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