Monday, April 07, 2008

Lost and Found

Cleaning and organizing is turning up all kinds of things that I couldn't find and/or had completely forgotten about.


fabric beads I made a couple of years ago

wonky pieces that were going to be a border, but which I got tired of long before finishing
Buttons and beads for a forgotten projectoh, yeah, this was going to a Japanese style piece that just didn't seem to come together


  1. love all your unfinished stuff. makes me feel better.

  2. jude - I just get so scattered. You never seem to be...

  3. I'm coveting all you UFO's on this post. Maybe there ought to be a UFO swap going on. Hmmmmmmmm?

  4. Nellie - I really am surprised at how many things have gone by the wayside. Does everyone else have this UFO problem?


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