Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've made another bib and am working on some quilting for a new bag. In fact, I've several new projects on the agenda that I'll be working on this week. When I clicked to enlarge the pictures, I noticed a stray white thread on the bib that I wish I had plucked off.

Acey, can you see your pin cushion? (Correction: Sorry, Rissa. I got confused. No, I actually stay confused. You sent the pincushion, about two years ago, I think.)One of our favorite care givers for Laddie is going to be leaving to take care of her grandchildren. We have really been blessed with these women, and I will miss Gloria, but certainly understand the situation.

Some sunny garden pictures:


  1. Hey Jen - I never sent you a pincushion. But I do think it's a darling little thing - also LOVE the garden images.

  2. Ooops! You are right-- It was Rissa!
    What was I thinking!

  3. What a cute bib! I made some recently, but they were pretty dull. You may have inspired me.

  4. bibs seem such a good idea for a project...and i always have that stray thread problem...

  5. Kay - the bibs are so much fun. They make use of lots of scraps from other projects.

    jude - Bibs are so quick and easy. I think I'm a thread magnet. They always seem to be on my clothes.

  6. Love the Fat Cat bib with its bright colors. Your garden is gorgeous! I'm a little jealous but my wisteria is getting ready to explode with bloom so I won't let a little garden envy bring me down.

  7. Kim - The bibs are such mindless fun, and Amelia keeps wanting more. Yesterday, she gave me two towels to make hooded baby towels for Bryce. I'm going to be trying those soon, but they won't be as much fun.

    When your garden is in full bloom, it will be too hot and humid here to enjoy being outside! Love wisteria...and have none.

  8. these bibs are so adorable....and this one with the cat and mouse is doubly sweet!

    I have never tried putting a snap on anything before.... is it a snap? but I'm easily intimidated - thank goodness for the invention of velco!

    your garden is looking mighty fine - looks like summertime in terms of where things are in their growth and development!

  9. Precious bib and what beautiful flower pix. My irises are blooming and my clematis is as well but we're rarely home to enjoy them. Maybe one day.

  10. kimy- Thanks! I enjoy making them and using up scraps of fabric I like and have left over.

    Snaps are easy. They have several inexpensive little kits at JoAnn's, so I decided to try one. I was pleased to discover that they are simple to do.

    Although we are having a cooler spring than usual, our part of the world has almost no winter. Warming up is much quicker when there are only a few days below freezing! Unlike your part of the world where you get the white stuff... :)

    Jo - Thanks! I love sitting outside and watching the various plants come into bloom.

  11. Your bib is great, & the flowers are beautiful. I still have snow, & dead weeds in my yard.

    Aunt Ethel had a favorite caregiver named Gloria who move away too!

  12. Thanks, Deb! The bibs are fun, and I need to make more, but have just finished a bubble suit--which I found difficult because I couldn't understand the pattern instructions and had to just hope for the best.

    Care givers can be such a treasure--we hate to lose the good ones and their big hearts!


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