Friday, April 11, 2008

Freaky Friday

Today has already begun in a hectic manner, but "All shall be well" as Julian of Norwich believed.

I've slowed my breathing by walking through the garden and thinking about how lucky I am in my daughters and my grandchildren. It is a lovely day.

First clematis bloom.
My fascination with garlic continues.

I made this ironing board cover the other day. I pinned the old and dreadfully stained cover onto this fabric and cut it out.
Then I sewed all around it with an overlock stitch.Then ran a tapestry needle and pearl cotton through it.Then positioned it on the ironing board and pulled the pearl cotton cord tight. Easy and much better looking ironing board cover.

Now, I guess I'd better get back to some of my chores, etc. Erin and our Max will be here later today. Mila isn't coming, and I'm so disappointed. I have such cute little dresses waiting for her and hoped to get pictures of her wearing them. However, Max will be here and his chubby, good-natured self should help.


  1. The weather here in Tennessee is freaky ... big fast moving clouds and high winds. A big storm is definitely headed our way.

    Loooove your new ironing board cover! Clever you!

  2. I like the floral for the cover fabric, makes using the ironing board an "occasion" perhaps. I should follow your example. I already have the fabric chosen, just haven't followed through. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Oh it's nice to see color! Our world is still fresh white!

    Neat job on the ironing board cover. Clever girl.

  4. Nellie - The weather here has been threatening on and off for the last week, but luckily for us, the storms have blown over. Texas and Arkansas have not been so lucky. Hope your storms cause no problems!

    Connie - It is more cheerful ironing on the floral than on the stained old muslin I removed. I'll be checking on your fabric when you post it.

    Deb H - Hard to believe in snow down here, but I saw the white world for your delivery of the longarm. Beautiful!


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