Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Yoga Bag in Progress

A couple of hours before going to yoga yesterday, I decided to make a yoga bag.

1) what size? I decided about 17.25 by 29 inches would be good

2) what style? at first, I thought about the kind with an opening in the end, but later changed my mind (more on that later)

3) what fabric would be appropriate? I like the blue Asian print-- a nice and sturdy fabric 4) did I have enough of it left to work? Yep! A couple of other fabrics had been discarded because, although I liked them, there wasn't enough. I decided to line the bag with black, so there was plenty of the print.

5) cut the rectangles out of print, backing, and batting - decided to use the (oh, so soft) bamboo batting that feels almost silky. Made the quilt sandwich.

6) some simple outline quiltingOf course, I didn't get it done in time for last night's class because I started so late, but when I got home I worked on it for a while and

7) made a narrow binding for side openings

8) pinned binding
8) made circles (with Timtex) for ends of bag (or "baggins" :p)
I intended to work on it this morning, but so far that hasn't happened. I do hope to finish it today, but there is no real reason to do so because my next class isn't until Monday. Oh yeah, I'm going to have company this weekend--I really should finish, straighten up the sewing room, and maybe think of a project that Mila and I could make together.

Any ideas for project ideas for an almost 5 year old? I've been waiting for her to get interested in sewing, and she finally has, so I'd like to do something simple and fun...


  1. I love the fabric for the yoga bag - too perfect!

    Five is a wonderful age to start sewing (and knitting!) When my girls were in Montessori they made their own napkins, placemats, and simple quilt block pillows.

    Making a simple polar fleece blanket can also be fun.

  2. I adore that fabric! But what is a yoga bag?

  3. My future step-daughter is 9 and just started sewing. Our first projects were sachets (just a square!), hemmed napkins, and placemats. Lots of straight lines, and I drew the seam line in pencil so she could follow easily. It gets her concentrating on the actual stitches, rather than straightness or anything complicated.

  4. Kim - Good ideas for Miss Mila. I could cut the pieces before she gets here...

    Rian - Just a bag to carry the yoga mat in. Usually just a tube with a strap, but I've seen some that are larger, more like long gym bags.

    Archaic Dome - Sachet would be great; I don't have any lavender left, but if we just stuffed it with polyfil, the same shape would make a great doll pillow. And I like the idea of drawing the line with the pencil. Thanks!

  5. I really like the print on the fabric -- and the blue. Look forward to seeing the finished work.

  6. I tried to find some fabric (by googling) that had a yoga motif but no luck...I have a guild member that makes them to fit rolled up quilts.

    Alex Anderson has a book on sewing with kids...just saw it yesterday while browsing.


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