Saturday, March 01, 2008

Time to Organize

I need to re-organize. Although this is true of the kitchen and all of my closets, especially needy is the sewing room. It will be a big undertaking as I want to get rid of my metal shelves (too deep, too wide) and completely re-do the computer area; these shelves are about 48" wide and 18" deep and take up a lot of my small space. I'm trying to accept that this will require boxing and removing a lot of fabric,useful tools, embellishments, etc. as a temporary measure.

What I really wanted to do is to for this post, however, was to share this link dealing with organizing those messy items: ribbons, trims, and lace. The Domestic Diva has given some excellent options- both handmade to purchased. I'd never seen ribbon clips or roll buddies, but they are pretty cool.

Here are some wonderful craft rooms that can provide more ideas for storage and organization. Warning: this one can eat up some time!

So - one thing that I'll be attempting during March will be clearing clutter, organizing, and finding things that I know I have, but don't know where they are. I will also be working on some WIP's and doing more work on this:
click to enlarge
because it is relaxing and requires no thought, allowing me to ponder the thoughts that come to mind or to watch television as I choose.

Miss Bryce will be arriving to stay with Jenny Claire until tomorrow. Amelia and Chris are going to Lafayette to see a comic who is appearing in a club there, so we will have the care of the heir apparent.


  1. I really love what you've done with this piece. Am glad you have enjoyed working in this way and do agree that it's really conducive to 'thinking thoughts". I wonder how you feel about the neutral palette? Am interested since you also share my love of brights and high contrast...

  2. Lovely piece! The neutral palette is so peaceful and rich with wonderful texture.

  3. to hell with organizing, i love the stitching, more please....

  4. I love hand stitching and this is lovely in the neutral tones. I just got caught up on all of your daily things - so much fun. You have been very busy! I have one more thing to do for my online class and then I can get back to business. I am cleaning up my mess this week-end and reorganizing my storage, too.

    Hope you are having a great week-end.

  5. This piece is absolutely exquisite!
    Did you plan it in advance or are you simply making up the design as you stitch?

  6. Acey - Thanks, I've enjoyed the meditative quality that comes with working on this piece. I love the neutral palette, but I still love those brights, too!

    Kim - The texture is one of the things I most enjoy; running my fingers over the stitches, the French knots, the beads is something I enjoy. I'm the one who has to have that velvet rope to keep me away from quilts on display or paintings in a museum!

    jude -- I have to organize to find some of the things I know I have!

    Gerrie - Ha! You are busier than anyone, and I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish!

    Fran - Thanks! I just stitch - starting anywhere I want and filling in spaces. There never was any plan for this was always a time-filler, handwork to do when watching television, a calming activity.

  7. That is one beautiful piece of work ! I love it !.... and oh do I EVER need organizing .. maybe in another lifetime it will happen !

  8. Thanks, Marie! This piece is probably good for my blood pressure.

    I'm kind of stalled on the organization right now. :( But I'm going to keep trying!

  9. wow I love the embroidery it is very beautiful

  10. Thanks, Emmy. I've enjoyed it even is most is just a simple Kantha stitch to fill in areas.

  11. what wonderful stitching!!!!!!

  12. Beautiful work! Thanks for the link to my blog. I hope you enjoy it.


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