Monday, March 17, 2008


I forgot to post a picture of my newest toy! I've seen it on the QA blog newsletters and admired it for some time, then finally broke down and ordered it. I love my Bernina, but the bobbin winding mechanism sometimes annoys me.
The Sidewinder arrived in Saturday's mail, and I haven't even had a chance to use it yet. Today, I think I'll wind some thread on several empty bobbins to see how it works.

Has anyone else tried one of these? If so, what do you think?


  1. Can't wait to hear your review. I have been thinking and thinking some more about buying one of these - I wait for your comments with bated breath!

  2. i have one but i am a bit disappointed, it is a bit rickety and doesn't always wind evenly. i use it, it is a handy idea, but i expected it to be more sturdy. let me know what you think.

  3. I'm curious about this too. Maybe you will like it better than Jude does.

  4. oh my, it seems I've been away from the bayou for much too many posts to catch up on (well just a bit less than a week)! last week's craziness caused me to fall seriously behind on my normal blog-reading activity (but I did manage to put something up each day -well, I do have a theme for march)

    this sidewinder thing - sounds like a great idea - hope it works out for you - I always try and have a supply of filled bobbins in the ready as I hate taking a break each time one runs out - that seems to work well for me.

    thanks for the info on the wonderful properties of bananas - I must increase my consumption! now if I can find a nutritional aid to help with these darned 'power surges' I've been experiencing - f brought home black cohosh having learned that it's supposed to help with these hot flashes, but so far, after 3 days I haven't noticed an improvement.... enuf of that....sorry, didn't mean to whine - but if anyone knows anything good in this area, pass the info on!

  5. Curious to see how you like the Sidewinder...i have a Bernina as well and love it, but am not crazy about winding the bobbin...

  6. In answer to Mouse's question about "power surge" aids -- I have four favorites.

    Red Clover helps with sweats and hot flashing, especially. It is MOST useful for those who aren't experience an overabundance of blood flow. This is because Red Clover has a very high level of coumarins - a phytochemical that gives off that wonderful vanilla-ish scent but also thins the blood. So this herb should be avoided if surgery is in a person's near future

    Sage is a corollary remedy for the same sorts of issues without the concerns about blood thinning. The action is more direct and less "gentle" in its manifestation.

    Motherwort is an EXCELLENT all around menopausal ally. Helps regulate any remaining blood flow and hormonal surges that play havoc with the emotions. Especially those that leave us feeling vulnerable and/or confused. It also regulates the digestive tract and serves as an excellent mood stabilizer.

    Oatstraw helps to regulate moods and also lubricates joints, muscles and those weird patches of dry skin that emerge as part of hormonal shifts. It's an excellent anti-depressant and can be especially valuable for those who find themselves getting angry or anxious as part of the power surge process.

  7. Oh, shoot. I just replied to all of these and then closed it without publishing!

  8. I thought about the Sidewinder but have been waiting for reviews from others.

    I think I'll spend some time today putting together 'a supply of filled bobbins' as Kimy does.

  9. Oh yes. Please let us know how the Sidewinder works out for you. Looks like everyone has been looking and waiting. Glad you took the leap!

  10. I have one. I'm like the person above who says it's unstable.

    The "beauty" of this new gadget is to keep you from having to unthread your machine so you can wind a bobbin. If you have two spools of the same thread, this works out great. If not, then you have to unthread you machine, and wind your bobbin.

    I have a Bernina, and I don't have problems with the bobbin threader. However, if you do, then this would work well for you.

  11. Amanda - I tried it and found it exactly as you and Jude noted--by no means a bargain. Mine is boxed back up.


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