Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Procrastinating Today

We had a lovely Easter here, a little cool, but bright and sunny. Talked to Erin and the kids in Baton Rouge as they were getting ready for church, a bit of difficulty there as the Easter baskets distracted from getting ready!

We had brunch at Jayne Marie's on Cross Lake with Chris, Amelia, and Bryce. Bryce was perfectly quiet during church according to her parents, but then she usually is. She smiled and laughed all through the meal at Jayne Marie's, but was tired by the time I took the pictures. After we left, Fee and I drove around for a while looking at all the beauties of spring around the lake. It was a lovely, relaxed way to spend the day.

Yesterday was terribly hectic, and today I'm having difficulty getting anything done. Lazy. I finally did get dressed, but still can't get motivated to get out and about with errands or to get busy with household chores.

Allergies are taking their toll around here. Everyone seems to have some symptoms: sneezing, scratchy eyes, stopped up noses, coughs. The allergy aisle at Walmart was packed yesterday.

Not much sewing going on here, although on Saturday, I did do this little t-shirt for Max.
I used some of the foil, ACey sent me a couple of years ago for the grill and bumper.


  1. I have issues with bananas :) but this t-shirt is the cutest!

  2. K - Those are supposed to be flowers! I was going to embroider Flower Center on the truck, but thought it would be too crowded. :)

  3. Oh how I relate to feeling the lazies...I have to FIGHT IT some days when the feeling is SO strong. Love the little truck applique, how cute is that. Take care, my friend :)

  4. What a sweet family. That bottom picture is precious. I know what you mean about those allergies! I have never had a problem before, but since we moved to the new house, something blooms out there that knocks me for a loop! Love the little onesie. Sweet.

  5. The T-shirt's precious.
    I love the dynamics in the second picture, it's a beautiful picture.

    Ah, yes, allergies - I thought I was starting to get a cold...

  6. Connie - Some days I just have to give in and enjoy it!

    Rian - The tree pollen around here has turned everything yellow...yucky yellow. It was years before I associated spirea and my laryngitis; it just takes one culprit to give a problem, but deciding who the culprit is can be difficult.

    Kim - I love the second picture, too!

  7. I love frozen bananas. The t-shirt is awesome. I'm glad to hear you had a nice Easter Sunday.

  8. Hey GREAT use of that foil, but oh my. Has it really been "a couple of years ago"? Time continues to fly...

  9. Gerrie - frozen bananas are great! And they make such good smoothies. I think Max will like the truck on his tee shirt.

    ACey - I thought and thought about how to do the grill and bumper, then remembered the foil! Perfecto...

  10. oh my goodness, allergies. while everybody else is coming out of hibernation this time of year, enjoying renewed energy levels and feeling fresh and new, i'm having to drag myself from the bed to the sofa. just thinking about what i need to do exhausts me. thank goodness for online shopping, remote controls, and recliners;)


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