Saturday, March 15, 2008

Micellaneous Musings...Again

Since I first wrote about my terrific bamboo socks, I've noticed an increase in the availability of bamboo yarn/fabric/products. Dharma now stocks bamboo fabric and bamboo socks (and less expensive, too); I found bamboo sheets at Target; I ADORE the bamboo batting; then, while at Target looking for some socks for Laddie, I found bamboo dress socks (the only other bamboo socks I've seen have been sports socks) and of course, they went right into the basket.

I'm a fan of bamboo products for environmental reasons, but must admit that other practical reasons have also influenced me...and I've loved the socks, the sheets, the batting for so many reasons.

Yesterday I joined the Tai Chi in the Park group for a great review and gab fest. Beth and I have not been to the park or to class in 6 months or more so we had a lot to catch up on. Thomas and Nina have been much better about attendance. It was a beautiful day for practicing the forms.

My SIL Robin and I have been going to the steam room after yoga for 20 minute sessions on Mondays & Wednesdays. Amazing how much conversation can be had under such sweaty conditions. We have had some really good talks about health and fitness, and the talks themselves have provided good motivation. Oh, I'm still not eating 3 helpings of fruits and vegetables each day, but I'm making an effort.

We've also talked a good bit about attitude. This sends me back to re-newing my efforts at the Complaint-Free Challenge. In the fall, when I made this effort for 2-3 months, I was surprised at the way the efforts improved my overall attitude.

I sent her a link to the What About Me video and watched it again myself. Things like this, no matter how useful and inspiring, have to be refreshed and reinforced occasionally in my mind...or they are no longer a part of my daily thought patterns.


  1. I am going to pull out my new Dharma catalog right now! Bamboo is just such nice stuff ! Great post!

  2. Have just begun to acquaint myself with bamboo embroidery floss. Plus I'm also freshly resolved to pay attention to the challenge of eliminating reflexive negativity from my thoughts and speech. Think it's the only way I'll retain maximum sanity and *any* grace with the unwelcome development of the leg crisis.

  3. Marie - I love my new Dharma catalog; it arrived just when I needed it. I forgot to mention that I've seen the bamboo yarn as well.

    ACey - How did I miss the embroidery floss? Where did you get it? I've just done a Google search and although I found Rainbow Gallery and their Mandarin bamboo floss, they don't sell direct, and I could not find a source.

  4. In Oprah's webcast last night, they discussed complaining as having no real purpose. It's not meant to bring about change, it's meant to "feed" the ego. Informing someone of a mistake or deficiency in order for it to be put right is not complaining unless you make it personal - "How dare you serve me cold soup."

  5. Kim - That's it. Complaining and being negative accomplish nothing. If something can be done, then try to do it rather than just complaining.

    I was surprised at how many of my (often only in my head) complaints were just negative, whiney comments that I had no real intention of doing anything about even if I could.

    Other complaints were relatively easy to fix. Paying attention made me recognize the tendency and to either keep quiet (even in my thoughts) or do something to improve the situation.

  6. One of the things I've noticed since starting this challenge is that I seem to complain MORE in my head than I do out loud! I hadn't realized that I'd turned into a passive-aggressive kitchen cupboard slammer. I'm trying to stop, identify what I want to change in the situation and then DO IT or ask for help. It's only been a few days and I've already noticed a big difference!

  7. Esther -- :) Even keeping quiet about the complaints is an improvement...if only for other people! I noticed a big difference quickly, too. Had no idea how many negative remarks about really inconsequential things were lurking in my mind.


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