Friday, March 07, 2008

A Little Tatting Reminiscence

Busy day yesterday, and today promises more of the same as I get ready for company. And...after a beautiful sunny day yesterday, we are expecting SNOW!Yesterday, I was looking for something in my crochet basket and found my tatting shuttles. I took a class in 2004, and because I had a great-aunt who tatted beautifully, I wanted to learn. Things didn't work out that well because Mother got sick, and the class went by the wayside. Seeing the shuttles and the little pieces I'd worked on, though, made me want to try again.


  1. Snow?!! yuck--it's time for spring! I love your tatting. I always wanted to learn this beautiful art as well but have too many irons in the fire as it is!

  2. Well, we tatters are always ready to help out!
    :-) Gina aka Tatting Goddess

  3. now snow in bayou country is quite unusual at this time of year!! hope it didn't do any harm. we're in the midst of a big one, always good for working on muscle toning! I'm actually looking forward to being snowed in - the pantry is well stocked and I have plenty of books, projects, and movies to pass the time most pleasantly.

    first buttons and now tatting - I am so impressed!! xxx

  4. Oooh, you must carry on tatting. Such a good start. You appear to be a 'natural' tatter. I can always help if you shout and have lots of free patterns here.

  5. Carolina Quilter - It did snow yesterday! Huge, lovely flakes that stuck for a little while until it turned to rain and ruined the effect. An exciting, if brief, interlude.

    Gina - Oh, wonderful! Thanks so much for the offer because I had not gotten very far in the class and have forgotten much of what I learned!

    Kim - Snow IS very unusual in bayou country; I'd love a short snow-bound adventure, providing the electricity stayed on and provisions were ample. The little bit of snow that we had didn't even last long enough to impede our driving - and it doesn't take much to do that down here.

    Jane - Thanks for the link! I will be in need of help...for sure.

  6. Such beautiful and delicate little pieces. A skill I have wanted to learn and now I am inspired to take that desire more seriously. LOVE the butterfly pin - haven't seen anything like that ...


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