Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Storms, Errands, Daily Thing #10

It is storming here. This is one of those days when I have to get out for several errands, not just one or two. Although, if this keeps up, I'm going to have to re-think at least some of them.

The Post Office run is necessary to get those Pay It Forward gifts in the mail and a book to Jill, one of my book blog friends. And Nellie, I'll get your gift out soon.

Daily Thing #10 (for Monday) - I was too tired to take the picture and post this last night, and I wasn't very pleased with it either. I should have left the 2 leaves solid; as outlines, they don't look that good, too much empty space. Michelle over at Studio 256 is having a book giveaway. Quilt books! Michelle designs bags and teaches classes on Joggles about making them. Visit and enter for a chance to win.


  1. Goody! I'm looking forward to having a bit of your creative energy in my studio. Thank you.

  2. Nellie - It is in the mail! Hope you like it!

  3. Jen,
    Thank you SO much for the beautiful sachet! It is GORGEOUS, and the little hearts are so pretty! I'm curious... what is the scent? I love it, but can't "put my finger on it." It was wrapped so pretty, I almost didn't want to take it out of the bag! I feel so lucky today! Also, the little tag with your name and address is adorable. Where do you get those?

    Thank you again... I'll post a photo on my blog ASAP.

    Caron in Michigan


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