Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sewing and Yoga

Yesterday, when Amelia brought Bryce over for me to keep, she brought this dress and a package of onesies. Could I make a skirt that is attached to the onesie (rather than the ones with the elastic waist that slipped on separately like I did before)? I think so. I'll try.

Daily Thing: Dress
Amelia liked this material that I used for Max's quilt and Bryce's bottle snug, and I had enough left to get a strip just long enough to make a little skirt. Of course, the purchased dress has a thermal knit skirt, and I had to use woven fabric. It might have been better if I'd had a little more for a more gathered look. There are a few small pieces of this fabric left, just scraps, and I still like it.

It definitely needed a little something up top, so the heart appliqué. When Amelia arrived again about 4:30, the outfit was ready to go.

I'm still trying to get caught up on my book reviews on the book blog and all of my blog-reading -- Bloglines was not working yesterday.

Went to yoga class again last night.

I can do this: Ha, ha, ha! Not in this live time.
But I can do this:


  1. Ha ha ha! What a delicious sense of humor you have. Am especially appreciative since I wound up in the ER last night with sciatica...at the moment the mountain and corpse poses would be a very great challenge.

    I can do THIS (pantomimes eating chocolate) ...

  2. Acey - while you were posting here, I was posting on your blog! I do hope everything is OK. Let us all eat cake!

  3. I think I prefer that latter position the best but I can't decide if my hands should be up or down. I'll have to work on it.

  4. what a clever idea with the onesies - I have that french inspired fabric too and have been hanging on to it for a while looking for a good project for it - love this idea! now I just need to find a little girl baby to make it for.

    hey, I'm really good at the the first and fourth positions also.

    head's up for tonight - wednesday - pbs has a show on american masters on pete seeger - for some reason I think you'll really enjoy it! xx

  5. Jude - At least I'm good at the beginning and the end!

    Kim - Oh I love the corpse pose -- and even if I do say so myself, I do it really well! Hands up, I think.

    kimy - I missed it! Oh, that must have been great...I would so loved to have seen it. Pete Seeger is an icon --integrity, courage, and talent--all rolled into one.

  6. well, i can give my eyeballs a good workout while watching someone on the 2nd and 3rd positions :)

  7. Karoda - I love the stretches, but I'm amazed at the strength required to maintain those deep lunges for as long as the Wed. teacher does!


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