Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second Set of Napkins and Spring Cleaning

Daily Things: More NapkinsTwo more napkins done. Doing the hem and the mitered corners for these takes more time than I would have thought. When I finish the next set, I'm going to work on a table runner. I've already begun piecing some of the small strips that were left over.

Then if I decide to make another set of coordinating napkins, I think I'll leave them raw edge and let them ravel in the washing machine.

I loved Jane Ann's post about cleaning out the closet and simplifying. Check it out. It really is that time again, isn't it. Yesterday, something started me thinking about hoarding, and I walked around checking my closets which are full of things that have just been put away, out of sight. The idea of going through all of that STUFF made me so anxious that I opened a book to escape! But, truly, books are part of the problem. They overflow the bookcases, are stacked on top of every flat surface-including the hearth, and are threatening to take over.

And the sewing room! I have so much clutter in there that I can't find things I know I have. Which leads me back to the statement: It's that time again. Spring cleaning. Clutter removal. Organization. Simplification.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed. Today, Jane Ann's post reminds me that it is one step at a time; that even if I never finish, it is necessary to begin.


  1. You will find that if you clear one space, it will give you energy and you will be able to do the next one. Just start with one.

    One of the good things about moving twice in three years is I cleared out everything extraneous a while back. The garage needs serious work, though.

  2. Rian - I think I need to move! That would really make me think twice about keeping a lot of the clutter.

  3. And it occurs to me I'll have to do this again in a few months. But that's okay. No way could I do this for my entire wardrobe at once. One season at a time (and we seem to be down to only 3 now anyway).

  4. Jane Ann -- I have a friend who does that religiously each season--weeds out her wardrobe. Then she goes shopping! It works for her because she's very organized, and she doesn't accumulate. Her wardrobe is always refreshed; she keeps what she wears frequently, disposes of what doesn't work, and replaces those items that don't fit or don't appeal to her.

    I purge my wardrobe regularly, but still hang on to things that should have been long gone.

    Nevertheless, your post got me started on a closet by closet assessment. I think I can get rid of quite a few linens (and replace some) too.


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