Friday, February 22, 2008

Scrappy Coasters

Daily Thing: coastersScrappy coasters from the left overs. My favorite fabric was all gone, but I still managed to get five coasters out of the other scraps. The rest of the larger pieces of fabric and the pieced strips will be used in the table runner.

The yoga class has left me with the knowledge of muscles I didn't know I had. Whine... Not that I'm going to abandon the cause over 443 sore muscles! Oh, no, I'll be back for more!

I've really enjoyed Quilt Month over at Sew, Mama, Sew - if you haven't visited, go take a look.


  1. Hey, I think I like those coasters best of all!

  2. Wow! I haven't been to this blog, yet. I usually "see" you over at your reading blog. I am so impressed with your creativity. How in the world do you ever find the time to do all of this and still read so much? You have definitely inspired me. I don't sew, but I love to knit. I'm always torn when I have a brief moment of time -- do I read or do I knit?? Thanks for sharing all this, and the pictures are lovely.

  3. These are delightful coasters. I love the colors chocolate and aqua together.

    Yoga is a lot more intense than it looks, no?

  4. Kay - Me, too!

    Lisa - That is one of my dilemmas as well. Read or sew? Hand work and reading just defy multi-tasking!

    Rian - Thanks! And oh, yes, yoga is a real workout! I certainly needed it though.


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