Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On Zebras and Inspiration

Yesterday, after looking at the zebras on Bryce's pj's, I decided to make a little stuffed zebra. I cut out the pieces, but then put it aside to work on the bookmarks. Then this morning when visiting Jude's blog, Spirit Cloth, I found that she had been working on a zebra, too. I love all of Jude's work, especially her whimsical animals, but this one is my all-time favorite. Isn't he the most charming zebra in existence?

Here is my little zebra, cut out and ready to go. I will go ahead and finish him today--just because I love being on the same wave-length with Jude.

There are so many times when I have no ideas or inclination to do anything, but right now, I have dozens of little projects in mind. Yesterday, when Amelia picked up Bryce, we were chatting and came up with another baby idea that I hope to work on today. Baby projects are so quick and easy and fun.


  1. oh, that is just a great stripe! i had fun looking for the black and whites. i almost had to paint one because i couldn't find my black and white stuff is so much fun. they have no preconceived opinions!!!

  2. jude -- That is one of the most endearing things about babies, isn't it? No preconceived notions!


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