Monday, February 11, 2008

a little of this, a little of that

Daily Thing # 10 (for Sunday) a thread painting with a little colored pencil. For today's Daily Thing, I carved a stamp; I'll take a picture tomorrow, but it didn't turn out too well. I carved away too much.

Yay! I have the PIF's ready to mail out tomorrow! I almost changed my mind again, but decided I needed to make a decision and stick to they are packaged and ready to go. I'll post a picture of these after the recipients let me know the envelopes arrived.

I put the names of those who gave suggestions for what to do with the hearts into a jar, and drew out...Nellie . Let me know your snail mail address, Nellie, and I'll get the gift out to you (maybe when I make the PIF mail run tomorrow). Thanks to all of you for your suggestions!


  1. Oh! Oh! I think you are talking about me!!! =-) =-) I should start watching the mailbox...I need to get a new one, someone bashed ours over the weekend =-( But the mail is still getting delivered... Ohhhh, I'm getting excited =-) I actually have finally decided what I'm making for my PIFs...and have some of the materials, I just need to DO it!

  2. Cute Jen. I like your thread painting.

    I also admire the daily thing-thing. I don't think I can do that just yet, but maybe soon.

  3. Debby - Yep, you are finally gonna' get that Pay It Forward gift. I do hope you like it! (sorry about the mailbox)

    Deb H. - Thanks! The Daily Thing-thing means that a lot of days, I'm just trying to do something I can get done in a very short time, but it is a good excuse to get me to play with different ideas that I can develop later.

  4. love seeing your "things" for this challenge. Always feel you have a special flair for thread painting.

  5. Love this piece..perfect the way she is !

  6. Acey - I'm having trouble keeping up right now. The "Daily Things" need to be items that can be created quickly and completed in a short time. I may just keep repeating the ideas I've already used for awhile.

    Marie - Thanks! I started her on a little square of linen I'd cut for something else and kind of ran out of room and had to shorten her legs!


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