Monday, February 04, 2008

Lavender's Blue, Dilly Dilly

Second post today!

Day 4 - some linen, Moda charm squares, fussy cutting, and lavender makes...One sachet for my private Thing-a-Day.
I'm going to make some more sachets; they're fun and easy (and smell heavenly). I may make one into a necklace so I can frequently lift it for a whiff!

I love dolls and haven't made one in a while (although I do have drawings in my journal of dolls I want to make). Oh, wait, I did make this uuuglyy doll for Bryce Eleanor a while back. The doll is supposed to be ugly--really! I have some other "monster" dolls that I intend to make. Maybe that will be tomorrow's "Thing."
Anyway, I found this cool doll on Patricia Anders' site; she makes fun & funky art dolls (and the Divas are useful as well). Anders has a whole gallery of these Divas/ jewelry boxes complete with jewelry. And I love this one--she's a goddess, not a Diva --different category all together.


  1. Your work always makes me smile. This is lovely ! You have also gotten me hooked on the "Rose" series. I have not been able to put 'Tea Rose' down since I started it !

  2. Marie - Thanks - it does smell good! I'm glad you are enjoying Tea Rose!

  3. Kim -- Thanks, I do love lavender.


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