Monday, February 04, 2008

Inspiration on a Rainy Day

I used to read Claire's blog (LittleFish) back when I used to make my way through the Artful Quilters Ring on a regular basis. I have re-discovered it and spent quite a while looking at Claire's creations like this small quilt, these birds, and this lovely reverse appliqué! Lots of inspiration there.

I made a list of projects and techniques yesterday to try for my personal Thing-a-Day (see previous post) and think I've decided on what to make today (although after visiting Claire's blog, more ideas are swirling). Today's "thing" will be quick and easy, unless I fiddle with it.

Grey and rainy, but the silk poppies always make me smile.
First load of laundry is on, and I'm waiting for Bryce's arrival.
Amelia arrived with Bryce about 8:30. We chatted for a while, then Amelia left and Bryce and Jenny Claire had some personal time and a photo shoot. Here's our girl:
I did make it to Michael's yesterday, and they didn't have t-shirts in Max and Mila's sizes, but I managed to spend some money and use my 40% off coupon anyway. I did find some t-shirts for M & M at Target (naturally), but I'm going to order some from Dharma Trading. Who knows what else will catch my eye at Dharma.


  1. She gets more beautiful with every passing day ! Enjoy !

  2. Oh Jen, she's so beautiful! How lucky you are to have this precious little grandbaby!

  3. Marie - She so soft and smells good, too!

    Connie -- Aren't the grands wonderful, Connie?

  4. oh such a sweetie! a beautiful picture.

    oh I love those 40% and 50% off coupons!!

  5. kimy - I love those coupons, too. One day I went into Michael's and pulled out a Joanne's coupon, but could not find my Michael's coupon. The girl said that Michael's takes competitor coupons, so I got my 40% off anyway!


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