Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gonna' Do A Runner

Daily Thing: runner

This took as much time as it takes to run 4 straight seams, and then...

O.K. I never thought about the backing. All of this began with the cloth napkins and kept expanding to use up all of that fabric. Which I did. I have nothing, however, that will serve as a back. The runner is 6 ft. - and I think a solid brown will be my best bet.

I have another project that I cut out last night and sewed up this morning, but I need something for it, too. A trip a fabric store or two is in order.

After the project that is in the works (and the table runner, I guess), I have something in mind to use up some of these bright scraps which vary in size from just right to very small.

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  1. I think the table runner is wonderful! I love the aqua against the dark wood. Nicely done.


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